Guide To Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Activation

Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Activation

What do you know about Australian multinational bank “Commonwealth Bank credit card activation”?

If nothing, then the next paragraphs of this post are to educate you on how to “activate Commonwealth Bank Credit Card” conveniently within minutes.

Apart from Commonwealth Bank Credit Card, have you activated any Credit card or MasterCard before? If yes then this process will not look strange to you, even if you haven’t this post will explain to you what is required to activate one today.

Commonwealth Bank Customer service Phone Number is 022 6139 0100. If you are a new Commonwealth Credit Cardholder or you just replaced it, users must activate the Commonwealth Bank Credit Card before usage.

Brief Review about Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank was founded by the Australian authorities as far back as 1911. The headquarters of this multi-billion-dollar financial institution is located in the current day New South Wales Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.

It services has made it very popular and the banks has remain one of Australia forefront financial institution and one of the highest earners among banks in terms of revenue. They offer loans, banking services, funds management you can name it.

Currently, Commonwealth Bank’s CEO is Matt Comyn.

This is not all about Commonwealth Bank and if you wished to get more about Commonwealth Bank if you wish to get more details about the financial institution giant visit

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Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Activation Methods

Commonwealth Bank  gives their card users rewards and benefit but not until they activate their card to ignite this rewards which mostly comes with high purchases.

This activation can be done in three (3) ways

1.     Activate Commonwealth Bank Credit Card via Website (Online)

2.     Phone Number (Offline)

3.     Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

1.     Activate Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Online

To activate your Commonwealth Bank Credit Card online simply follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Commonwealth Credit Card account with your username and  password online  Here
  • Type in all the prompted information after login (Card Number, Full Name, SSN, etc)
  • Proceed to the next step by clicking on Activate and if all information provided were correct you will receive a notification that your card is activated.

Activate Commonwealth Bank By Phone Number

How to activate your Commonwealth card by phone call you need to;

  • Call Commonwealth Bank Credit Card Customer Care number by dialing (13-2221)
  • Listen to the voice that follows carefully and choose your most preferred language.
  • You will be asked for your card number and personal information like (Address, Full Name, SSN, etc)
  • If all the information provided is correct, you will receive a notification that your Commonwealth Bank Credit card is activated.

Activate Commonwealth Bank Credit Card at ATM

To use an ATM to activate your Commonwealth Bank Credit card follow the steps below;

  • Slot your card into any Commonwealth bank ATM.
  • Select your most preferred language
  • Follow the card activation instructions and do as requested by the computer
  • If all the provided information is correct, you will be alerted your Commonwealth Bank Credit Card has been activated.

Tips: If you are activating your credit card, never save your card details on any site to avoid fraud, make sure you also call the right contact to access information about your credit activation.

Commonwealth Banks contact details

  • Activate the card online – Here
  • Commonwealth Customer Phone Number: 022 6139 0100
  • Card Activation Number: 13-2221
  • Headquarters: Sydney Australia
  • Annual Revenue: $13billion

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