Refund on Cash App

How Do I Get a Refund on Cash App?

Cash App is a great platform for sending and receiving funds no doubt, but how can you send money with your Cash App, or receive or even get a refund, because definitely sometimes money get stocked between the sender and a receiver or even when you make payment to a wrong person. This are article […]

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Activate Cash App Card

How to Activate Cash App Card

Looking fo a step by step guide to activate cash app card? Here you are!! Cash App is a phenomena app for sending and receiving funds. It has made it easy for its users to pay bills and send money to business partners, friends, and families. Cash App Card can be linked to your Cash App balance. […]

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Delete Cash App Account

2 Ways to Delete Cash App Account

If you have had problems with Cash App in the last few days or simply do no-longer need their service, know that it is possible to delete Cash App account very easily. This is because as a client, you have the right and full privilege to delete your Cash App account anytime you wish to […]

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Venmo to Cash App

How To Transfer Money From Venmo to Cash App

So how can you instantly transfer money from Venmo to Cash App? Or can you really do it? Of course, you can easily make your transfer in just a matter of 2 minutes. Many Venmo users have asked this question over and over both online and in person. So I decided to take some time […]

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Cash App Card

How to put money on Cash App Card

Just wake up and don’t feel like driving to a store to buy something you can easily buy with your Cash App card but have no idea how it works? Knowing how this works will sure make your life a lot easier which is why am sure you want to get it done. it might […]

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