Womply PPP: How Does Womply Work, A full Review

Womply PPP

Established with a desire to help local businesses thrive using its marketing and financial tools to secure PPP loans with a speedy process. As partners, Womply helps underserved businesses and workers access forgivable loans through PPP. 

How does Womply PPP Work

Womply is a leading local commerce platform that helps local businesses fast track their paycheck protection program (PPP) loan application.

The PPP loan application process is time-consuming and tedious which is why Womply is licensed as an agent by SBA to help you fast-track access to the PPP funds you need.

Applying through Womply, your PPP loan will be compiled and processed with as much help as Womply can provide.

In a bid to support America’s small businesses and save jobs during the devastating financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, Womply was instrumental and has helped over 100,000 businesses gain access to PPP funding through its network of SBA-approved lenders. So far in 2021, Womply has already helped over 300,000 more businesses, gig workers contractors, and self-employed borrowers get funded.

In addition, Womply is generously providing a free, six-month Womply Pro subscription worth over $700 designed to help you set your local business up for success in 2021 so you can not only survive but thrive in these challenging times.

What is the Paycheck Protection Program? 

Paycheck Protection Program is a program that is established under the CARES Act that was passed by the US Senate.

This program aims to offer forgivable emergency loans to small businesses. Being recognized as a “Paycheck Protection”.

The CARES Act establishing PPP directed all business that has already reduced staff or wages, to have until June 30 to reverse the decision to enable them eligible for loan forgiveness.

Over 60% of PPP loans are to be exclusively used on payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or utilities during the first 8 weeks, and when such is done and confirmed, the government will forgive your loan so you don’t have to pay it back. 

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How can PPP Funds be used?

The terms and conditions for obtaining PPP Loans and usage were clearly spelled out. PPP loans are to be used mainly for payroll expenses, including salary and wages, tips, commissions, employee benefits costs, dismissal or separation costs, paid leave, bonuses, and hazard pay.

The funds can also be used to cover back pay within a 24-week forgiveness period. In addition, the new and existing employees are also the target of PPP loan funds.

 Womply PPP Loans - Great finance ideas

What is the quickest way to apply for the Payment Protection Program (PPP)?

After the PPP program launch, the application process was opened on 15 January, 202. Here is how you can apply.

● Source for an SBA-approved lender/agent who can help vet your application and fast tract same.
● Traversing the paperwork.
● Submit your application.
● Patiently wait for the outcome.

Though, the application process is time-consuming and tedious. That’s why we’re so glad to be affiliating with Womply to help fast-track access to the PPP funds you need.

Applying through Womply ensures your PPP loan application will be well compiled and processed with all the necessary attention/help it deserves.

Note that with Womply, your application will be fast-tracked to many SBA-certified lenders, giving you the highest probability of getting approval.

Why is applying through Womply beneficial for me?

A good question to ask.

The demand for this loan is very high considering the effect of the coronavirus on businesses and the economy. Therefore, most banks will start lending in a couple of days while approval will certainly take weeks thereafter.

Due to the competition, the PPP loans application will be receiving, even after finding an approved lender to assist you, expect to have so pocket of challenges, delays, or rejections.

Womply is a dedicated agent who can help connect you with a lender as quickly as possible and thus fast-track your application and subsequent disbursement.

Is there a cost to apply for these loans through Womply? 

Womply has been dedicated to duties and its operation is within the confined of the CARES Act through SBA. Therefore, the services we offer are completely free.

The aim is simply to help you find a lender faster to process your loan application and subsequent disbursement.

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