Xbox Gift Card FAQs and A Complete Guide

Microsoft is the brain behind the creation and operation of the Xbox gaming system. As one of the well-known and patronized online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service, the Xbox game system was first made known to users on November 15, 2005.

For effective and efficient services, it has undergone series of innovations with the latest being an enhanced version called Xbox which can be used with Xbox X and Series S. 

Xbox game services are available on windows platform and mobile phones and the services can be accessed either on a free mode or on a subscription basis.

How Xbox Gift Card Works

Xbox Gift Card is indeed fantastically designed in a way and manner to attract a lot of customers. The gift card avails both the purchaser or recipient an opportunity and freedom to pick the gift they want.

This gift card can be used to buy the hottest new Xbox full game downloads, apps, movies, TV shows, devices, and more. You don’t need to worry for there is no fee attached to, either the expiration date.

The gift cards are available for purchase either at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and in Xbox.

With Xbox, the only way you can make purchases on Xbox Game Store is either you have credit on your Microsoft account or with the use of your debit/credit card.

Also be aware that, Xbox gift cards are used so you can buy a friend, your loved ones’ credit on their account without needing their bank details which makes it easier for people to give the prepaid cards as a gift.

One of the interesting aspects of this gift card is that local currencies are used for ease of purchases in place of Microsoft points and also if you purchase a gift card or redeem one, and buy something on the marketplace with money still left over, the remaining currency will be saved on your account for future purchases.

Xbox Faqs

How do I know my Xbox Gift Card balance?

The process of knowing your Xbox gift card balance is simple and easy, but it also depends on the place of purchase. First of all, check the back of your gift card for a 1-800 number.

If found, call the said number and enter your account number, security code on the back of the card, or PIN if applicable. This can also be done online.

Another way of accessing your gift card balance is, if you purchase your Xbox gift card, Xbox Live, or Xbox Live Gold directly from Microsoft for your Xbox 360 or Xbox One, then you are at liberty to call customer service or better still log into your Microsoft account at or use your Xbox console, select “Home”, and then select “Money and Gift Cards” to check your gift card balance. It can also be easily accessed on by going to

Does my Xbox Gift Card Expire?

It is obvious that most of the gift cards expire and an Xbox gift card is not an exception, not minding where it is being purchased either at a local grocery store, ordered online, or sent as a promotional gift card via Microsoft Rewards or Xbox Live Rewards.

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Do yourself good by always checking the back of the gift card to see the expiring date.

Though, the Xbox Live cards never expire, and ensure you read in between lines the FAQ to ascertain how long the gift card you intend to purchase will serve. It is also important for you to frequently check your balance to know its active status.

Xbox gift card Faqs |

Where can I buy an Xbox Gift Card or eGift Card?

Just like other gift cards, Xbox gift cards or eGift are made available for purchases for all interested customers on retail websites like, Microsoft Store,, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, and

Both physical and digital gift cards can be purchased here using a US-based credit/debit card during checkout. Be reminded that, eGift card purchase may require the inclusion of an Xbox digital code and this can only be redeemed at or on your Microsoft account, at, or via an Xbox console.

How can I Load More Funds onto my Xbox Gift Card?

The process of funding your Xbox gift card is done in different ways but simple. You can either log onto your Microsoft account using or right from your Xbox Console-Xbox 360 and Xbox One to access your account.

Another way you can load funds is to go to the gift card page in the Microsoft Store and make your selection based on your needs for an Xbox or Microsoft gift card.

At this point, you can choose the amount you wish to refund and checkout. Credit or debit cards, prepaid credit cards, and PayPal are the preferred payment mode in the locations or stores.

You are open at all times to check your Microsoft FAQ for the customer service number in case issues arise.

Where can I use my Xbox Gift Card?

Xbox gift cards are not accepted at the physical Microsoft Store but not limited to places like:

•  on the Microsoft Store online for digital code and content purposes.

•           On Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One.

•           Windows. 

Considerably, Xbox gift cards are significant in nature and can be used for apps, downloads, content, TV shows, and so much more. Therefore, its functionalities are immeasurable.

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What if my Xbox Gift Card is stolen?

Terms and conditions of gift card purchase are explicitly spelled out that Microsoft is not in any way liable for any lost or stolen gift card code hence it will be difficult to know the rightful owner.

However, if the gift card is physical and was purchased at a store, you can hurriedly go to the store to complain and in such situations, replacement is made but this is on the condition that you must have the credit card used for the original purchase on hand just in case.

What are the Xbox Gift Card Terms and Conditions?

This indeed helps to coordinate the operational activities of Xbox gift cards. 

One of the conditions is that gift cards can only be redeemed via an active Microsoft account even if the cards may be used at participating stores like Windows, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the online Microsoft Store.

It is also pertinent to note that, only through a Microsoft account money can be added to the card or redemption can be done.

The good news about this card is your non-promotional account balance does not expire, despite the physical cards does. A Microsoft account balance may be used to purchase Xbox digital products online, including TV shows.

What can you buy with an Xbox Gift Card?

Xbox gift cards come with a great deal and when opportune to have any, be rest assured to use it to get the latest games, movies, and TV shows on Xbox, top games and apps on Windows, and devices like Xbox consoles and bundles at Microsoft Store online.

Where can I spend a Gift Card?

Once it is redeemed to your Microsoft account, you are safe and free with your gift card balance to spend when you shop at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and Xbox.

Can I send a Gift Card to another Country?

Xbox gift cards are traded in a local currency, and as such when purchased it can only serve you in the country of purchase.

What do you get when you buy a Digital Code?

Your gift card comes in a digital code format by email once it is purchased. It has a 25-character code and can be printed, forwarded by email, or sent over instant message.

How do you redeem a Gift Card?

It is easier and simple to redeem your gift card. simply go to, log in to your Microsoft account, and enter the 25-character code provided.

Once redeemed, your gift card balance will be available to spend at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and Xbox. 

Can I buy in-app products with a Gift Card?

It depends, this is because most products offered in games and apps such as map packs, new levels, and coins can be purchased with a gift card while other apps like subscriptions require a credit card.

Can I buy Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass with a Gift Card?

Oh yes, certainly you can buy Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and Xbox Game Pass with a gift card online or from your Xbox.

Can I buy Office with a Gift Card?

No, you currently cannot buy Office 365 with a gift card, but you can use a gift card to make purchases of fully installed software.

What is the difference between a Microsoft Gift Card and an Xbox Gift Card?

There is no difference between both, for the cards work just the same. Once redeemed to your Microsoft account, you can spend your balance at Microsoft Store online, on Windows, and Xbox.

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