SEARS CARD ACTIVATION | Sears Credit Card and MasterCard Activate


Sears Card activation. Get all the information you need to activate and use your Sears Card.

Activation of Sears Credit Card or MasterCard can’t be easier if you go with these tips given in this post just the way Sears wants it as details on their retail service website.

Are you aspiring to be a Sears Credit Cardholder or you just acquired yours?

Well Just like any other card your Sears Credit Card Activation is paramount and the basic step, after that you are left with the worry of just how to access your card afterward.

Well to activate your Sears card should be the least of your problem if you are reading this post, as we have a vivid outlined process on how to do so with different methods, either online or offline.

Activation of Sears Card should not take more than 7-10minutes if you follow the right procedure.

Sears Credit card and Sears Master Cards are issued by CitiBank group of company.  

A brief Review of Sears

This is post-to-post advice that I give my readers, that before you acquire any card you should understand what and how that card came about and the pros and cons, reviews, and other basic details.

Sears group of company is a very popular name among stores in the United States of America (USA), they offer numerous good retail services and products as a company.

Sears was founded by Richard Warren Sears & Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1886 and currently very famous among rival companies of its kind and it is also topping the list of best products in the line of Clothes, Shoes, Furniture, Jewelries, Cosmetic Products, and many other.

 Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States is where the headquarters Sears is located, and this company has over 500 stores across the United States of America.

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They have also received numerous meritorious awards from the American government for their uncompromised quality products, services, and producer-consumer ties.

Well talking about Sears as an organization, the main name of this company is Sears Holdings and it has an estimated worth of over $13billion as a company and still counting with a massive number of employees even in Puerto Rico.


Activation of your Sears card cannot be easier if you follow the details process below to do so. You also stand to earn several benefits & rewards, secured payments gateways, easy purchases, and points for transacting with this card.

The documents required for activation of a Sears credit card or MasterCard shouldn’t be anything new to anyone who has activated a card before, but if you haven’t then get your Sears Card, full name, Social Security Number (SSN), address, and Identity Card details handy as you will be are needing it during this card activation.


Activate Sears Credit Card or MasterCard Online via their website with convenience simply follow steps below:

  • Load the Sears official website here
  • Type in the following info as prompted your Sears Card number, Name as it appears on your Card and last four digits of Social Security Number of the primary customer card.
  • Type in your personal ID detail for verification.
  • Tap on Activate to activate your card.
  • You will receive notification if all your details were verified that your card is activated shortly. (But if the process fails your will have to visit the process again).   

Sears Credit Card Activation by Phone Call (Offline)

The Phone number you used to register your Sears online account can make this even flexible for users who want to call Customer care for their Sears Card activation via phone call. 

  • Get your card and personal information handy.
  • Call Sears Customer care representative with (1800 589 7327)
  • Listen carefully to the voice that follows and provide all the requested personal details and ID for verification.
  • Listen to the Sears terms of services and agree by inputting the requested command.
  • If all the requested info and terms of services are followed correctly then you will receive a message that your Sears card is activated successfully.

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Sears contact details

  • Activate the card online – Here
  • Sears Customer Phone Number: Call 1800 815 7701
  • Sears Official: Website Here
  • Headquarters: Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States
  • Revenue: $13billion

Tips: keep all your banking details private and do not save your card details on any merchant site.

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