How to Activate Netspend Card Without SSN

How to activate netspend card without SSN

I believe, especially if you are reading this post, there is no doubt about the importance and popularity of Netspend and its prepaid cards.

Many are wondering whether or not it is possible to activate Netspend card without SSN. Netspend has become one of the most popular companies offering prepaid debit cards.

The advantages of the Netspend card are undoubted and many. For example, there is no credit check, faster transaction completion, cashback, and much more.

Netspend doesn’t just offer one type of card, and there are many cards it offers. And each of them must be activated before you can use them.

The problem often arises precisely in the activation of these cards. This is because to activate them, Netspend will ask you for precise information such as your social security number (or SSN).

We wrote this article because we think that in some cases people may not want to share information of this type.

For clarity, we need immediately to clarify that there is no legal way to activate a Netspend card without an SSN number.

The reason is simple: Netspend’s privacy policy requires the customer to provide a government-issued identification number to complete card activation.

But this is where we come in. Fortunately, we have found and tested some tricks to activate Netspend card without SSN. If you are curious to know how to do it, just read the next lines.

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How Can We Activate Netspend Card Without SSN Legally?

It seems right to us, in addition to revealing the trick to activate the Netspend card without SSN, to tell you how to activate the card legally.

Thus, you can first try to activate the card without taking advantage of any subterfuges.

Activate Netspend Card Online

As soon as you arrive on the official Netspend website, you will notice the “Activate a card” link. By clicking on that link, you can easily activate your card.

At that point, you will receive precise instructions from Netspend to activate your card.

  • Navigate from your mobile or PC browser to Netspend activate
  • You will need to enter your card number and your card’s security / CVC code on this page.
  • At this point, click on “Continue”
  • Once this is done, you need to log into your Netspend account using the username and password associated with the account.
  • The next step is to verify your identity. Simply, it involves answering a few identity verification questions such as your area of ​​residence or zip code, date of birth, your Social Security number, or any government-issued identification number.
  • At this point, you need to create a new 4-digit PIN for your card, and that’s it.

These are the steps required to activate a Netspend card online. As you can see, it’s quick and easy. This way, you can activate your Netspend card online.

Interestingly, if you don’t have the SSN or don’t want to share it, you can also try providing your Alien Registration Number. This is another way to activate your Netspend card without SSN.

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The ultimate Trick to Activate Netspend Card without SSN

Before we can share this trick, it is our duty to warn you that we cannot recommend using this method.

Indeed, it is clear that we advise you to activate your Netspend card by providing your SSN legally. Also, it should be noted that it may not always work for everyone.

Clearly, this is not a safe way to activate your Netspend card without SSN. But this trick has reportedly worked for many users in the past.

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So, trying it shouldn’t be a problem. Here it is:

  • You will always need to follow the same procedure as for activating your card online, using the “Activate a card” link on their official website.
  • Enter your card number and security / CVC number
  • When prompted to enter the SSN, try entering all 1s or all 0s in the SSN field.
  • In addition to what we have done so far when you are asked to enter your date of birth, enter a date of birth less than 18 years old when providing the information

And this is all! If you are lucky, Netspend will allow you to activate the card without providing a social security number (or SSN).

However, as mentioned above, if you are not successful in this way, you should try the legal methods mentioned above.


In this article, we have provided a number of methods for activating your Netspend card.

In addition to the legal and usual methods, we have shared with you a trick to try to activate Netspend card without SSN. You can try all of these methods above to activate the card.

Clearly, in our opinion, you should legally activate the card by providing valid information. For your safety and that of others.

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