American Express Serve Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card Review

American Express Serve

American Express issues basically three types of cards that serve in different and unique capacities by giving users awesome options to manage their funds as they choose.

The cards offered by American Express are:

  •  American Express Serve
  •  American Express Serve (FREE Reloads) and
  • American Express Serve (Cash Back)

The above-listed types of American Express cards have little differences in functions from one another, but we will review only the basic American Express Serve card because of its friendly features like zero monthly fees once you qualify for the direct deposit requirement.

Not just that the American Express Serve has zero annual fee and a transaction fee 2.7% after conversion to US Dollars for foreign transactions and is accepted anywhere American Express is accepted

American Express Serve Account Basics

American Express Serve card is a prepaid debit card that can be loaded just like other debit cards. Its functionalities are peculiar to that of a regular debit card and can be attached to a checking account of a commercial bank account.

A prepaid debit card is an account that gives the user the liberty to spend only the money loaded on an account in advance. Once the loaded cash is exhausted the user cannot make purchases until the American Express Serve reloaded.

An American Express Serve account is given online access which is accessible through their website or the mobile application and it makes it easier for operators to manage their finances easier and comfortably.

Other amazing benefits of this American Express Serve are no hidden charges, no credit check for new accounts and no minimum balance.

Exclusive Features of American Express Serve card          

Free to Register Online

This card can be sent to you once you register online and is shipped to you via mail at zero cost for new accounts.


American Express Serve Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card

Free Early Direct Deposit

You can access your funds if you operate American Express Serve account 2-days before the actual date of payment.

Free ATM Withdrawals

There are no fees attached from American Express for ATM withdrawals from over 30,000 MoneyPass ATMs

Free Online Bill Pay

You can pay bills with your American Express account directly either through their website or mobile app. The feature to set up bill pay online is free of charge.

Free Reserve Partition: this feature allows your service account to budget your funds and saves funds too. Loading and spending with your reserve are free of charge.

 American Express Customer Service

Response from American Express customer service is 24 hours every day giving account holders the chance to lay their complaints anytime via calls or live chat.



The American Express Serve card may cost you some charged fees but it depends totally on how you use it. All competitive products are charge friendly, they have lower fees charges if you understand them vividly you may pay just a little or no fees at all.

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