3 Ways to check a Vanilla Gift Card Balance

Vanilla Gift Card Balance

If you are wondering how to check the Vanilla gift card balance, then you are in the right place. We have three different ways to do this. Find out below which one is best for you.

First of all let’s understand what is a Vanilla Gift card.

The Vanilla gift cards are prepaid cards that can be used to make purchases from physical stores and online stores that accept payment by Visa cards.

Like any other prepaid debit card, the Vanilla gift card can also be used to pay bills, for example.

So what’s the major difference with this card, well the only difference with a normal store gift card is that the cashier will not be able to help you when you want to check your Vanilla gift card balance before a purchase.

This is the main reason why it is necessary to check the Vanilla Gift Card balance before attempting a purchase to prevent it from failing due to lack of funds, o for example, the cost value of the items purchased is higher than the current balance of your card.

#1. Go Online to Check the Vanilla Gift Card Balance

It is fast and easy to check the balance of your gift card online.

All you need to do is visit the official website at balance.vanillagift.com to check your Vanilla Gift Card balance.

In order to log in, you need to provide your card details. That is the 3-digit security code, the card expiration date, and the card number.

After logging in successfully, you will now be able to check the remaining amount in your Vanilla Gift Card using your phone, tablet or computer.

#2. Call Customer Support

You’ll 1-800-571-1376, a toll-free number listed on the back of the gift card. You just need to call this number to ask about the current balance of your card.

The customer service agent will ask you to provide certain information on your card, such as the card number.

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The customer support agent will look up your card details in the system and tell you the available balance on your card.

Vanilla gift card balance phone number


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#3. Download MyVanilla App

Another method to keep an eye on the expenses made with your card and check the Vanilla Gift Card balance is definitely to download the official mobile app. This way, everything you need is in your palm of your hand.

Summing up, with the MyVanilla mobile app you can:

  • Manage money on the go.
  • Check Vanilla gift card balance, view transactions, find Vanilla Reload locations.
  • Quick and convenient account access in the palm of your hand.

It is also possible to load your card on a digital wallet (such as Google or Apple), to make purchases safely and comfortably without having to pull out your card.

That now that you know all the possible methods of checking your Vanilla Visa Gift card balance, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having this account.

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Benefits of Vanilla Visa Gift Cards

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card is packed with many great features and strengths. The first of these is that no identifying information is required. You can also use the card immediately after purchasing it.

The Vanilla Gift Card is also accepted online. You can also use it at the gas stations and wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. This means you can use it almost everywhere.

Plus, you won’t have to incur any additional costs once you have paid the activation fee. The fee is required only when purchasing the Vanilla Visa gift card.

Of course, carrying the card with you is also safer than carrying cash. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the monthly fees of the usual debit cards.

Once you have received the card, it can be used immediately to make as many purchases as you want. You just have to choose the credit every time you buy a product or service.

You can also create your own PIN number or use the card as a debit, although this is not necessary.

Wrapping up

Knowing the Vanilla gift card balance, it will be easier to plan properly all of your purchases to avoid any problems during checkout. The whole process is very simple and will not take long.

It’s also very safe and easy way to manage your money anonymously if you don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with bank cards, fees and restrictions.

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