CIBC Credit Card, CIBC Credit Card Activation

CIBC Credit Card Activation

CIBC Credit Card activation

What is your status with a CIBC credit card?

If you are just aspiring to be a CIBC credit cardholder or you have just acquired one and you wish to activate it, this post is for you as we explain in detail how to activate a CIBC credit card.

We will take a look at CIBC credit card activation with two methods in this post which is via their official website (online) at and via phone call (offline)with1 (800) 465-4653 & (514) 861-4653, so you can choose any of them based on your convenience.

With a sound mind I can tell you if you follow these steps in each method to activate a CIBC credit card, you won’t spend more than 5-minutes to complete either of the processes in activating your card.

Once you have applied for your CIBC Credit card and it has been delivered, just like any other card you will first need to activate it before usage.

Before then you can visit their official website at to review how CIBC Credit card works and other relevant information concerning CIBC, in general, to know what you are acquiring or what you have acquired as the case may be.

Tip: make sure you don’t save your card details on any merchant website to avoid been defrauded.

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How to activate CIBC credit card (ONLINE METHOD)

  • Visit the bank’s official website at and log in (if you do not have an account yet simply create one)
  • Tap on continue button.
  • Type the six digits number of the CIBC bank card and pin.
  • Personal information like your name, date of birth, and house address, Social Security Number (SSN) and other related information will be required, so fill in all the prompted information as required.
  • Next will be verification of the provided personal details.
  • CIBC bank will notify you that your card is successfully activated if all the provided information are correct.
  • If you missed out on any relevant info, you will have to refer back to your registration details and correct them.

Activate via phone call OFFLINE method

  • Make the following personal info ready first name, middle name, last name, full home address, date of birth Social Security Number (SSN) just like in online method above.
  • Call CIBC customer care service number with any of the following numbers 1 (800) 465-4653 or (514) 861-4653.
  • After giving them your full details you will be notified if your personal details are correct that, your CIBC credit card is activated.

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Note: Do not share your personal banking details like One Time Password (OTP), Password, Card Pin, etc with anyone, if you cannot finish your card activation process with any of these methods, simply visit the nearest CIBC office and lay your complaints face to face.

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