Luma Credit Card Activation: How to Activate Luma Card

Activate Luma Card

Learn how to activate Luma card pr do your Luma Credit Card Activation right.

To activate your Luma card is very easy if you follow the right steps to do so, this is either via their website at or by calling a customer care representative with 0333 000 0477.

When you load their website, log in with your details as an existing customer the process is very easy like one, two three… even via phone call offline.

If you don’t have an account yet you just visit their website and create one before any other thing follows.

Just like any other card you need to activate your Luma Credit Card before usage which I term here as the basic criteria, after that you are left with no worry but just to access your Luma card anytime afterward.

With this article, you can easily activate a Luma card as we break down every step vividly in simple terms and it can do very quickly as well.

A brief review of Luma Card

Luma Card is known for its uniqueness, quick services, favorable decision, and popularity.  Luma was established as far back as the 20th century.  

Before we proceed, I always tell my readers that before they acquire any card at all they should check that card’s review, pros, and cons, and know exactly what they are getting their hands on to be able to manage their finances.                                                                            

Luma has bagged several awards for its service and its immense contribution to the United States of America (USA) economy.

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Luma Card Activation by Online Method

Luma cards have a credit limit of about $1500, they also offer varieties of card that gives all users different but unique specification to go down with.

 Not just that Luma sends text messages to their customers at intervals to keep the producer-customer ties and updates on new services.

Have this at the back of your mind that Luma Card Activation online process is done exclusively on their website; be warned not to save your login details on any referring website that may lead to scams and all that.

The following are the steps to “Activate Luma card online”

  1. Get your Luma Card details handy
  2. Log on to their official website at Here
  3. If you are a new user without an online account, create one with link on step 2 above, but if you have one already simply log in.
  4. Follow the instruction on the page and fill the following details; date of birth, your social security number (SSN), email, create a password and fill in an account number.
  5. Next the page after filling in all the details required.
  6. You will be prompted to fill in your card number (located at the back of your card), your name, and the safety code for verification.
  7. Tap on the “Submit button” if the information provided is correct, Luma card will be activated. But if otherwise you will have to revisit the previous steps and correct the wrong steps.

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How to Activate Luma Card via Phone call.

This is pretty easier than the previous method of Luma Card Activation.

  1. Get the Luma Card customer care representative number (0333 000 0477 or+44 333 0000 433)
  2. Get your details e.g. credit card number, your account number, and the safety code on the back of the card.  NB: Make available your account number that is related to the card you acquired.
  3.  After dialing the number expect to hear an automated voice, so listen attentively and follow the instruction and provide the prompted information and yes your Luma card will be activated in few moments.

Luma Help service contacts:

  • Luma Phone Number: 0333 000 0477 or 44 333 0000 433
  • Luma activate the card online – Here
  • Website:

Luma Card Activation Tips

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