eBay Mastercard: Login, Payment, and User Guide.

eBay Mastercard

eBay Mastercard gives users a lot of rewards in points, so if you patronize their store with your Mastercard you earn rewards that also have a restrictive redeeming feature.  

eBay MasterCard users who shop on the eBay online store enjoy more benefits and certainly will not regret acquiring the card.

eBay online shoppers gain more as they are rewarded on every purchase with this Mastercard and these points are only redeemable on the platform, high points are reserved for eBay purchases only.

eBay Mastercard is issued by Synchrony Bank and if you shop or sell on eBay frequently, this card is certainly the best option you should go for, or even if you intend to buy or sell on this platform regularly, you will enjoy their benefits and reward system more.

After acquiring this eBay Mastercard, all you need is to spend up to $1000 in 12-months and your bonuses rewards start earning once you start purchasing from $1 which earn your 3-5points per dollar spent, that’s not all, you can also earn 2 points per $1 in purchases on all gas stations and grocery stores and 1 point on all other purchases.

Don’t forget you are also charged a 3% fee for the foreign transactions on the eBay website and an overdue balance payment may cost you up to $40.

This eBay Mastercard comes with zero liability for fraudulent purchases, lost wallet assistance, an identity theft monitoring system, and a credit report monitoring security system.

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eBay Mastercard

Brief Review of eBay

The now e-commerce giant was founded by Sir Pierre Omidyar in 1995 and has official usage in over 32 countries of the world

eBay is a multibillion-dollar American e-commerce corporation based with its headquarters in, California, they have established a network system that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through the site.

It facilitates buying and selling of goods between sellers and buyers, buyers are not charged for purchasing on the site but sellers are charged a certain fee for listing their products on eBay.

They also allow users to buy with a lot of universal payment gateways like Universal Product Code, ISBN, or other kinds of SKU numbers (via Half.com), PayPal was their wholly-owned subsidiary from the year 2005 to 2015.

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eBay Mastercard Login process

Below is how to login into your eBay credit card easily,

  • First login into eBay credit card official site
  • Input your Username and Password
  • Tap on “Secure Login” to proceed.
  • You can save the login details if the device you are using to log is yours (But do not save it if the device is not a trusted one)

How to Make a Payment on Your eBay Credit Card as a Guest

You can also follow the steps below to easily pay off your card without logging into your account as a guest as follows

  • Go to their official website and navigate to “Pay as a Guest” and tap on it.
  • Input your eBay credit card number correctly and promptly.
  • Type in your social security number (SSN) and zip code.
  • Then click on “Continue
  • Type in the amount you wish to pay and tap the “Confirm” button.

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Register for Online Access to Your eBay Mastercard Account

Below is how to register your eBay account and access all bill payment features;

  • First load their official website.
  • Type correctly your account number and zip code as prompted.
  • Tap on “Continue” and create a  password
  • Click on “Confirm” button to finish the process

Customer Service Phone Number

To reach out to the eBay Mastercard customer service and lay your complaint simply call their phone number at 844-435-0237.

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