Gap Visa Credit Card: 5 Incredible Things You Need to Know

Gap Visa Credit card

The Gap Visa Credit Card offers are amazing and enticing considering the rewards and benefits enjoyed by Gap brand shoppers. Aside from the benefits and rewards, there is also some weakness.

Gap brand operates Gap Visa Credit Card that avail shopper’s opportunity to shop with ease. This card can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted, users can admit the value of this card when used at Gap sister brands, whether in person or online.

Synchrony financier is the issuer of Gap Visa Credit Card. The card comes with a $0-annual-fee at the advantage of those who want to save on clothing purchases.

Gap Visa Credit Card rewards don’t come in form of cashback rather you can simply earn points that can later be redeemed when you shop within the Gap family.

Basic five things to know about the Card.

1. You can earn higher rewards at Gap and sister brands

It is obvious that the Gap Visa Credit Card is rewarding when you shop exclusively at Gap. The card can also earn you higher rewards when used at other retailers under the Gap, which includes Gap Factory, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta:

  • You can earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Gap and qualifying brands, both in-store and online.
  • With every $1 spent anywhere, Visa is accepted to attract you an earning of 1point.
  • Get a $5 reward for every 500 points you earn.

2. Gap Visa Card rewards are used only within the brand

Any customer who choose Gap Visa Credit Card will earn discounts on future Gap-brand purchases. For any $100 you spend using the card, it qualifies you to earn more for $5 discount the next time you shop either at a store or other Gap family.

  • $5 increments of reward is issued between $5 and $50 in value. You can redeem up to three rewards in store, or up to five online or over the phone.
  • There is a limit of rewards ($250) to be earned in a billing cycle in spite of of how much you spend; any earned rewards in excess of the said amount will be carried forward for the next billing cycle.
  • To redeem you points, the value of your purchases must be larger than the amount of your redemption. Therefore, the difference be paid using your Gap Visa Credit Card.
Things to know about the Gap Visa Credit Card: GreatFinanceIdeas


3. Get Big Discounts

The benefits attached to the card is amazing couple with further rewards and discounts make it more valuable. Just imagine for starters, you can save 20% and hitch-free shipping on your first purchase at Gap or Gap Factory stores with the card, so far as your purchases are within 30days of opening your account.

Another exciting offer using this card is an extra 10% off every time you shop at Gap and Gap Factory stores. Coupled with the heaped existence rewards on the card that open more savings on clothing.

4. Big Spenders can earn ‘Silver’ status

A cardholder who earns 5,000 reward points within a calendar year will get an upgrade to a Gap Silver account. This status comes with a host of money-saving bonuses including:

  • A quarterly points bonus of 20% of your rewards earned that quarter.
  • One choose-your-own-sale day.
  • Free three- to-five-day business day shipping.
  • Free basic alterations on apparel purchased at Banana Republic in store or online.

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5. Steer clear if you plan to carry a balance

Despite the accumulated bonuses saved and the discounts offered by Gap Visa Credit Card, you have to consider that the APR is 25.99%, your failure to pay your balance in full by month-end will tend to accumulate a high interest rate.

If you are willing to shop for clothing on a very large scale, your best prefer card is a General Credit Card which comes with a 0% intro APR offer on purchases.

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