MercuryCards Login, Benefits, Bill Pay, and Customer Service

Mercury card is often referred to by many as the new generation of credit card due to its special features, security, minimal fees, reward and benefits.

Regular shoppers are very excited because of this card, it gives them the liberty to shop with it anywhere, and see transactions, previous transactions, previous bills, current bills, and many other unique features that can be accessed through the mercury card mobile app.

Mercury credit cards are accepted anywhere credit is used and it can be used anywhere in the world, that sounds great, right?

Mercury credit card is one of the best credit cards in the present day generation due to its cashback on shopping and attaches zero annual fee for cardholders.

List of Benefits of Mercury Credit Cards

Listed below are the benefits of using the Mercury Card;

  • No Annual Fee: well to accomplish a totally free annual fee with the Mercury Master card you have to follow particular criteria which also help you to build a commendable credit score.
  • Convenient Mobile App: Mercury Cards have a simplified mobile app that allows users to use without much stress and is available on the Google play store and Apple store for free download where you can check your credit balance both the history and the current balance, points, payment history etc.
  • Fraud Protection: there are always hackers out there who take advantage of unsecured software to manipulate and steal from, but Mercury card offers a secured app that gives you a 24/7 care representative’s response to curtail such.
  • Free FICO Score:  FICO score is a model employed by Mercury credit card it is found on their mobile app and allows users to check their credit score free of charge anywhere in the globe as their card is accepted globally.

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Apply for Mercury Credit Card Application

Mercury credit card is applied for on their portal, below are the steps required for the application:

  • Load the Mercury Credit card official website 
  •  Select the Respond to Mail offer option.
  • A notification will pop up that an invitation has been sent to you and you will be asked to enter the Reservation code that you have received in your email.
  • Then your application form will show on the screen for you to fill in your details  

Tips: you will get feedback in 5days regarding your application for the mercury credit card.

Set a Mercury Credit Card Online

  • Load the Mercury Credit card portal here.
  • Click on register
  • Fill in your the credit card number, last four digits and your SSN, date of birth, on the form that appears
  • Follow the instruction given to complete the process.

Mercury Cards Login

After registering your mercury card and setting it, use the following steps to log in.

  • Use this login page to sign in for registered users, input (username and password)
  • Navigate and click on Manage Card
  • Then you can access the rest of the features listed on the site.

Mercury Card Lost Reservation Code

Mercury card comes with a zero percent fraud liability charge if you need to replace your card. There is no extra charge for Mercury card replacement.

If for whatever reason you need to replace a card, simply get to their customer care representative and you will be sent a 7-digit lost reservation code to show you enrolled to replace your card then, you will receive a new card sent to you at your given home address.

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Mercury Card Bill Payment

Below are the 3 basic ways to make your Mercury card bill payment

  1. Mercury Card Payment Online Service
  2. Visit their official bill payment website here.
  3. Then type your Mercury card details
  4. Click on “Make Payment” and pay your bill.
  • Mercury Card Payment by Mail

If you are unable to make online payments, then you can also pay your bills by mail to this address below

Card Services

P.O. BOX 70168

Philadelphia, PA 19176-0168

There is one more option to send your payment overnight through express mail. For that, you have to write down the following mailing address:

Lockbox Services,

BOX #70168,

400 White Clay Center Dr,

Newark, DE 19711.

Mercury Card Payment by Phone

This is the fastest method to make your Mercury credit card bill payment. Simply call 866-686-2158 and follow the voice that follows

Mercury Cards Customer Service

The Contact of Mercury card customer card is 866-686-2158.

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