How American Express Travel Insurance Works

American Express Travel Insurance

We have found that many users find it difficult to understand how American Express travel insurance works. In fact, it turns out that the activation of this service is very confusing and often Amex customers are unable to activate travel insurance.

Probably, if you are reading this post, it is because the flight you were about to take is delayed, or worse, it has been canceled. In this case, being an Amex customer, you might count yourself lucky in times like this.

Everyone likes traveling, you know. But sometimes, travel can become a drama, anything could happen, but maybe that’s the beauty of travel too. Sometimes, however, especially when it comes to flights and air travel, it can become a hassle.

Any small change in the weather could result in a delay or cancellation, and consequently to stress and postponement of the trip itself. And that’s not all, sometimes the problem isn’t just flights, but the fear of cancellation also affects hotels and ground transport.

It is precisely in all these cases that travel insurance can be a real lifesaver. Specifically, if you are an Amex customer you won’t have to worry too much.

In fact, American Express travel insurance is one of the best services out there that can cover the loss resulting from an unexpected delay or cancellation of your flight booking.

First, let’s answer one of the most frequently asked questions. That is, what does American Express travel insurance cover?

What does American Express travel insurance Cover?

You will be pleased to know that Amex travel insurance covers a large number of things, for example:

  • All medical emergencies that arise during the trip.
  • Trip cancellation in whole or in part due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Travel delay including flight arrival and departure delays.
  • Loss of baggage, delayed baggage, missed travel connections
  • Coverage for senior travelers (aged 70 to 85).
  • It covers lost baggage, delayed baggage, missed travel connections, and ticket upgrades, for example from economy to business.
  • Travel curtailment due to unforeseen emergency circumstances.
  • Emergency medical expenses and related expenses for medical conditions existing before the trip.
American Express Travel Insurance Coverage Guide

What does American Express travel insurance not Cover?

Of course, there are some expenses that Amex doesn’t cover. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the conditions not covered by Amex travel insurance:

  • If an insured person went through a mental disorder that invites any kind of loss before or after travel does not cover.
  • Any loss in the form of delay or cancelation of your trip due to declared or undeclared war.
  • In case if an eligible traveler is under the influence of alcohol or any kind of narcotic product, any loss resulting from such kind of event is not covered by Amex travel insurance.
  • Pre-existing bad weather conditions, changes in travel, and a state of adversity are not covered by Amex travel insurance.
  • Any loss in travel that occurs due to being engaged in any kind of illegal or fraudulent activity is not covered by Amex travel insurance.
  • Some treatments such as dental surgery, hearing aids, eyeglasses, or contact lenses expenses are also not covered.
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How Can I Claim my American Express Travel Insurance? 

And here we are at the heart of this post. In fact, without knowing how to apply for the funds covered by the insurance, it is not very useful to have insurance, right?

I guess you’ll be happy to know that the process for applying for travel insurance activation is actually quite simple. However, remember that you will have to request activation of the policy within 60 days of the covered claim.

To request activation of the policy, simply dial the American Express contact number and share the required documents with them. Whether your flight has been canceled or delayed, these are documents you need to share.

  • Share the travel vouchers, flight tickets, and boarding passes as well.
  • You will have 180 days to submit the proof of loss that you had to bear due to delay or trip cancelation.
  • Also, share the copies of bills and payment records that you paid from your pocket due to an unexpected event that emerged out in your journey.

This is all you will need to do to start up American Express travel insurance. I hope that everything is clear to you and this guide will serve you as late as possible 🙂

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