How Do I Get a Refund on Cash App?

Refund on Cash App

Cash App is a great platform for sending and receiving funds no doubt, but how can you send money with your Cash App, or receive or even get a refund, because definitely sometimes money get stocked between the sender and a receiver or even when you make payment to a wrong person.

This are article will be explaining vividly how you can go about the above mentioned features.

Although it may be impossible if the person you wrongly sent funds to doesn’t want to release the funds back to you, so before you get started with Cash App please understand how it refund policy works and the procedure.

How Can You Cancel a Payment?

To cancel a payment sent from one Cash App to another is almost impossible since these payments are instant. Once the person you sent the funds to accepts the payment there is no way the sender can cancel the transaction, but you still stand a chance if the recipient hasn’t accepted the payment yet.

If the payment receipt is still showing the Cancel Option on it you can cancel the payment, the option appears only when the recipient hasn’t accepted the payment.

Can the Recipient Refund Your Payment?

If you mistakenly send money to another Cash App, and the recipient wishes to refund you, tell the person to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the clock-like icon on their Cash App front page.
  2. Navigate to that particular payment and click.
  3. Look for refund option click, and then tap on OK.

If the recipient does the above procedure correctly you will receive an instant refund even if it is was your cash card that you sent the money from following the same procedure.

What if the Recipient is Uncooperative?     

Getting back a refund for wrongly sent money without the recipient’s approval is impossible if the recipient is uncooperative and doesn’t want to send back the funds, the only chance the sender stands is if the recipient hasn’t accepted the payment from his/her ends.

We don’t advice anyone to shop online with Cash App for because of the above reasons.

Cash App does not have buyer protection policy to protect you from bad consumers and merchants, therefore Cash App is not responsible for the safety and legality and will not have a hand in any payment dispute, it  will let the both the sender and recipient handle the dispute by themselves.

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What is the Refund Time Frame?

Cash App to Cash App wrong payment can be refunded instant once the recipient is willing and uses the above listed procedure to send back the funds, but for cash card refunds it takes at least 2 to 7 working days for the refund to appear back in your balance after refund.

How to Refund On Cash App?

If for any reason you want to make a refund from with your Cash App debit card, bank account, Cash App balance, or credit card, you can use the following steps.

Follow these steps

  1. Click on the clock icon on their Cash App front page.
  2. Navigate to that particular payment and click.
  3. Look for refund option click, and then tap on OK.

All peer to peer refunds on Cash App are instant but it takes 8-10 days for some merchants.

How to Request a Payment in Cash App?

You can send a refund request to a receiver you wrongly sent funds to, and if he/she accepts the request you get back your funds but if they don’t Cash App cannot help further.

Here is how to request a payment on Cash App

Steps to Follow

  1. Click your Cash App
  2. Look for the ‘Cash’ button at the bottom of the screen and tap on it, it looks like a dollar sign.
  3. Write the amount of money you want to request for payment.
  4. Select the user(s) from the suggested list to request money, attach a note with the request in the ‘For’ box provided.
  5. ‘Review’ and tap ‘Request’ button.

After completing the above procedure the payment request will be sent instantly, if the recipient of these request(s) is sending you money for the first time, you will have to accept their payment, but if you have already received funds from any of the sender, you won’t need to accept from that particular user again your balance will be top-up automatically.

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How to Accept Payment on Cash App?

  1. Log in to your Cash App with your username and password
  2. Click on ‘Activity’ a clock like symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll  to  ‘Pending’ click to accept request you previously made and the users accepted you will see a green-colored ‘Accept’ button next to the transaction.
  4. Click ‘Accept’ button that is against  the user that has accepted your request  for the first time.
  5. A message will appear asking you to confirm the payment, click ‘Confirm’ button.
  6. Click on  ‘Done’ button and the money will add to your Cash App account balance instantly.


In a nutshell any payment you are making with your Cash App account you need to be very careful, because all Cash App payments are instant and once the receiver accepts the money and he/she is not willing to refund you it will be impossible to get back your money as Cash App does not offer buyer protection policy and is not responsible for the safety and legality.

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