CURE Car Insurance: Ultimate Guide, Review and FAQs

CURE Car Insurance

Why you can trust Cure car insurance

Many drivers seek to have a safe compensation of auto insurance coverage at a considerable rate. Though, drivers with low credit tend to file additional claims than drivers with higher credit scores. Going but this, insurance companies end up charging more to cover up for the increased risk.

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Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange abbreviated as CURE is car insurance that is ideal for drivers regardless of their credit scores status, educational background, or occupation. Cure insurance rates are favourable and considerate hence the absence of these factors.

For your wise auto insurance decision, an appraisal conducted by Bankrate indicates that CURE’s coverage options, discounts, and the affiliated party will guide your decision better.

CURE car insurance

CURE insurance has three (3) coverage options which include basic policy quote, standard policy quote, and custom quote option. It is the discretion of CURE customers to choose their coverage separately.


The basic policy quote: The costs of this quote are affordable though limited in benefits but are less than that of a standard policy.

This may seem a fair option for drivers with a very low budget. But, drivers must accept that there is a risk of out-of-pocket expenses in case there is an at-fault loss when carrying low liability limits. The basic policy quote allows customers to choose up to the following limits of coverage:

  • Personal injury protection: $15,000
  • Property damage: $5,000
  • Bodily injury liability: up to $10,000 available but optional
  • Extended medical expense: $10,000
  • This is limited on lawsuit threshold

The personal injury protection limit is a tag at $15,000, though, you are allowed to choose your deduction level but also note that the higher your personal injury protection deductible, your premium tends to be lower.

While on your part, the more you will pay out in the course of a claim. The PIP coverage has also cover for emergency care of certain injuries up to $250,000.

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The standard policy quote: This quote has the choicest coverage with additional options for protection. Also known as the ‘quick quote’ option, the standard policy quote avail customers the opportunity to make decisive decisions from an array of coverage options:

  • Physical damage coverage and uninsured motorist property damage: from $5,000 per accident up to $100,000 per accident
  • Collision or comprehensive coverage are options on standard insurance
  • Bodily injury liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage: from $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident up to $250,000 per person and $500,000 per accident
  • Personal injury protection: from $15,000 per accident up to $250,000
  • Cover towing and labor
  • Transportation (additional) coverage

An addition of medical expenses deductible is included in the quote at $500 with an extended medical expense benefits coverage limit of $10,000, as well as the same limitation on lawsuit threshold.

On the part of the customs policy quote option, make a customize policy when you choose from an array of CURE coverage options.

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To crown the exciting and affordable insurance offers of CURE, here are other discounts offers for drivers by CURE:

  • 3-year good driver discount: This discount is achievable only if all the drivers on your policy have been driving not less than three years without an accident and with little or no record of violations. This may qualify you for up to a 35% discount.
  • 5-year good driver discount: A driver who maintained a good record for five (5) years while being a customer to CURE for minimum of two (2) years is qualified for a favourable discount of up to a 40%.
  • Multi-vehicle discount: CURE Customers with multiple cars insured under a policy is entitled for a discount.
  • Parking discount: CURE offers are incredible. Imagine CURE offering up to a 15% discount to drivers who park in a driveway rather than on the street. Other notable discount is the offer of up to a 50% for drivers who park in a more secure spot than the driveway (garage). This activity is 24/7 monitored using a facility with a guard or a place that requires a security code to enter or exit.

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Who should consider CURE?

  • Drivers in Pennsylvania
  • Drivers in New Jersey
  • Customers with good driving records regardless of their credit score status
  • Disciplined customers for factors other than their driving record

Frequently asked questions

What is CURE’s average cost of insurance premiums?

Different factors interplay while looking at the cost of each policy, but on the whole driving, records should be seen as a deciding parameter.

CURE may be able to save the average driver up to 50 percent on their premiums. You can get an individualized quote by visiting the CURE Auto Insurance website and entering your information. Also, call CURE at 1-800-535-2873 to request a quote by phone.

Basic information to be provided include your driver’s license number, ZIP code, age, and cost of your current auto insurance premiums (if you have insurance) to get a quote, all of which can be done online.

How do I file a claim with CURE?

It is easier and simple to file a claim with CURE. Call 1-800-229-9151. You can file a claim 24/7. Your claim will be responded to as soon as it is received in the office, customers can check the status of their claim by logging into their account. Customers can also check the progress of their vehicle repairs by logging into their accounts.

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