ICICI Bank Credit Card Activation Ultimate Guide

ICICI Bank Credit Card Activation

Here is a complete guide to ICICI Bank Credit Card Activation. Everything you need to activate your ICICI Credit Card is not a big deal if you follow the right steps; this is done either on their official website at www.icicibank.com or by calling a customer care representative and then you listen to the instructions that follow.

When you load their website, log in with your details as an existing customer the process is very easy with the phone call method (offline) which I shall be explaining vividly in the subsequent paragraphs.

About ICICI Bank

I tell all my readers that before you acquire any card from any financial institution you should check how it works, pros & cons, and all that is involved to know exactly what you are acquiring.

ICICI Bank is an Indian-originated bank, not just that but also the largest and best bank in the country and is very popular too, it was founded in 1994.

ICICI Bank offers various financial services like Corporate Banking, Retails, Private Banking, and Funds Management, etc for users to choose from.

Currently, the CEO of ICICI Bank is Mr. Sandeep Bakhshi who is known to be working tirelessly to improve the bank’s network and services especially when it comes to the stock exchange.

ICICI Bank has over 4867 Branches and 14417 ATMs and tens of thousands of employees. It is also recognized due to its immense contribution to the Indian economy.

How to Activate Your ICICI Bank Credit Card on Their Website (Online)

Follow the steps below carefully to activate your ICICI Bank Credit Card online in minutes.

  • Get your card handy
  • Visit www.icicibank.com
  • Log in and input your card details (16 digits number of ICICI credit card), CVV and the card pin in the provided box
  • Then type in your personal information like (name, address, date of birth etc) as prompted.
  • This step in enters your card detail like your card number and your card CVV code and your type of card Etc.
  • And you will be notified that your Activation is successful if all the provided info is correct.

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How to Activate your ICICI Bank Credit Card via Phone Call (Offline)

This method is considered easy because it involves just a few steps, although there are several customer care numbers to call, all the same, they will all serve you the same purpose.

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Get your ICICI bank card handy
  • Dial any of the following numbers (9021667777, 8102667777, 8000667777 or 033-44455000).
  • First, you will be asked to give your ICICI card information, details like your card number and CVV and even your code your card type.
  • Then you will be asked for your personal information like full name, address and your date of birth etc.
  • If all the information provided were correct then you will be notified that your ICICI Card is done and Activated successfully.

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ICICI Bank Contact:

•          ICICI Phone Number:-   +1 866-424-2448

•          ICICI Headquarters:- 500 5th Ave, New York, NY 10110, United States of America.

•          ICICI Bank official Website:- www.icicibank.com

Tip:  Never save your card details on any merchant or referring site to avoid fraud, only follow the right links from recommended blogs

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