ReliaCard full review of FAQs: All you need to know


The ReliaCard is a prepaid debit card issued by U.S. Bank that can be reloaded by a government agency. It is not a credit card but functions similarly to other prepaid debit cards.

How does it work?

Once the funds are added to the account, they can be used for transactions, shopping, paying bills and making purchases online, by phone or by mail order. You can also get cashback with purchases at participating merchants

or withdraw cash from ATMs, banks or credit unions.

Transaction amounts are automatically deducted from your available balance.

How soon will I receive my ReliaCard?

We are working to distribute the cards as quickly as possible. Once we receive the file from the state, we ship your ReliaCard within two working days. Your card will arrive by post within 7-10 working days. The card comes with:

– Activation instructions with a complete fee schedule;

– The cardholder agreement with the various terms and conditions;

– A user guide detailing where and how the card can be used;

– U.S. Bank’s confidentiality promise.

You can check the status of your card by visiting and clicking on the card tracker. or directly through the app.

After I receive my ReliaCard, how do I activate it?

You can activate your card on the ReliaCard website or mobile app.

– Scan the QR code to activate your card on the ReliaCard website and click on Activate Card;

– From the mobile app, click on Setup Online Access/Activate New Card;

– You will then need to create a password (we recommend a password that is at least eight characters long and includes at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character).

Avoid sequential numbers or repeated characters;

– Enter your password carefully.

– Keep your password in a safe place.

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When are the funds available on my card?

In some cases, you may receive your ReliaCard before the funds are loaded onto the card. Your card will be funded two to three business days after your state agency releases the funds.

You can monitor the status of your benefits and payments by checking your state’s website. Sign up for Alerts to be notified by text message or email when you receive.

Where can I view my Available Balance?

Your balance can be viewed in several ways:

– Online: View your account online at;

– Mobile banking app: Search for “U.S. Bank ReliaCard” in the App Store or Google Play;

– ATM: Make a balance enquiry at an ATM1

How can I view all transactions on my account?

The best way to monitor activity on your ReliaCard is to sign up for email or SMS alerts. You will receive alerts on:

– Funds added to your account;

– Low balance;

– Pre-authorisations;

– Purchase transactions;

– Purchase rejections;

– Purchases made without a card present;

– Transactions made outside the United States

To sign up for email or SMS alerts, follow the instructions when you activate your card.

You can sign up for alerts via the card website or mobile app. You can also send the following message to 90831:

– Type “BAL” for your balance.

– Type “TRANS” for recent transactions;

– Write “HELP” for customer service.

All you need to know about ReliaCard

How do I use my card to make purchases?

You can use your ReliaCard online, by phone, at grocery shops, retail shops, restaurants, doctor’s offices, etc. It is important to know your account balance before making purchases. You can use your card to make purchases wherever Visa and Mastercard debit cards are accepted.

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Do I need a PIN?

You can use the card for signature-based purchases without a PIN by choosing Credit when you make a purchase. However, a PIN must be used for debit card purchases and cash withdrawals at ATMs.

You will choose your own four-digit PIN when you activate your card.

What should I do if I lose my PIN?

Call the number on the back of your ReliaCard and reset your PIN using all of the automated system prompts. Your card may be blocked after too many attempts with the wrong PIN.

Can I still get cash if I forget my PIN?

Yes. You can go to any Visa or Mastercard member bank or credit union and ask the cashier for a cash withdrawal.

Can I manage my account through the Relia app?

Sure. You can use ReliaCard Mobile Banking to check your balance, sign up for and manage text alerts, view your most recent transactions or search for the nearest ATM in your network. The app is called “U.S. Bank ReliaCard” in the App Store or Google Play.

Through ReliaCard, can I pay bills, including my rent/mortgage?

Yes. You will need to follow a few steps to do so:

– Log in to;

– Go to the navigation bar and click on Manage Money;

– Click on, Pay Invoices;

– Select the company (the payee) you want to pay from the list of payees. You can enter a new payee manually by clicking on, Add payee;

– Enter the amount;

– Click on the Review and Pay button.

Remember to schedule your mortgage or rent payment at least five working days before the due date. For more information, see the Bill Pay Terms and Conditions.

Can I make a purchase for an amount greater than the amount on my ReliaCard?

If you need to make a payment for an amount greater than your balance, you can use a special method: Tell the cashier how much you want to withdraw from your card balance, and then, pay the remaining balance with cash, cheque, credit card or another debit card. “Split transactions” are only available at participating retailers.

Can the ReliaCard be overdrawn?

Usually, a purchase that exceeds your available balance will not be approved. In very limited circumstances, if you do not have sufficient funds when the final amount is cleared, a negative balance may result, without charging an overdraft fee.

You can check your balance online, using the ReliaCard mobile app or by logging into your account at

Who can see or track my transactions?

No one. For privacy reasons, U.S. Bank does not share card account numbers or transaction details. However, for reconciliation purposes, your government agency has access to the amount and date of each deposit.

Where can I look at the fee information for my ReliaCard?

Fees can be found in the fee schedule sent to you with your card. You can also view it by logging into your account at

Please refer to the Program Fee Schedule to determine if a specific fee applies.

Who should I contact if I have concerns?

For questions about your deposit, or the amount of a deposit on your card, contact your government agency. For all other questions about your card, you can access your account at

What are the benefits of the ReliaCard?

There are countless advantages to the ReliaCard. We will list them all for you:

– Fast – Your money is automatically deposited into your account;

– Time-saving: Quick and easy access to your funds;

– Convenient: Shop anywhere in the world, in shops where Visa and Mastercard debit cards are accepted;

– Secure: No need to carry large amounts of cash with you

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Follow the steps below to order a replacement card through our automated system.

– Call 855-282-6161.

– If the system does not recognize your phone number, it will ask you to enter the phone number associated with the card.

– Enter the last four digits of the card you wish to replace. – Choose the reason for the replacement:

– Press 1: Lost card;

– Press 2: Stolen card;

– Press 3: Damaged card;

– Press 4: Update your name;

– Press 5: Replacement card.

If you do not have all the required information, you can select an option to speak to a customer service representative for help.

Can I contact my local bank for customer service on my ReliaCard account?

No. Use the website,, for enquiries.

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