Ulta Credit Card – All You Need to know

Ulta Credit Card

Ulta’s credit card has become very popular and used by many Americans for day-to-day spending. The best part of this card is the rewards that come with it and making your life easier with discounts.

The Ulta credit card is offered by Ulta Beauty and can be obtained from the nearest store in your area.

They now offer multiple payment options to make your life easier and enable you to spend locally and internationally making your payment options more flexible plus the rewards.

The fact is, maky people still lact information on hose to use the payment options.

In this article, I have taken some time to put together all the information you need to make your payment easier with the Ulta Credit Card.

Ulta Credit Card Payment Methods

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to take care of this simple task. Let’s start with the most convenient and easiest method, online.

1. Online Payment

Ulta provides customers with an option to make payments for the Ulta Credit Card on its official website.

You can simply sign up and create an account on the website by entering the essential details. After signing up, you can use your newly generated login credentials to log in to your account.

On accessing your account, you’ll be able to make payment via your preferred bank account.

2. By Phone

You can make an Ulta Credit Card payment by simply dialing up Comenity Capital Bank’s numbers located below. Before you make the call, you’ll need a few details available with you though.

You will need to have your bank account details along with the card details you’re looking to make the payment with. The phone payment service is available every day from 7 AM to 11 PM.

To pay your Ulta credit card by phone, please call Customer Care at 1-866-257-9195 (Ultimate Rewards Mastercard) or 1-866-271-2680 (Ultimate Rewards World Mastercard).

3. By Mail

In case you just don’t want to hit the internet to make an Ulta Credit Card Payment, you can go conventional and send your payment via mail as well.

Ulta does accept cheques received via mail at their local address. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you mail the cheque a little earlier than your last payment date. You can mail the cheque to:

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Comenity Capital Bank – Ultamate Rewards Mastercard or Ultamate Rewards Credit Card

PO Box: OH – 659820

San Antonio TX, 78265-9120

Ultamate Reward Credit Card Login | Apply Online for Ulta Reward Card

Ulta Credit Card Automatic Payment

Ulta provides you with an option to authorize monthly payments towards your Ulta Credit Card bill. You can customize the amount and date for your Automatic Payment. You get a notification 10 days before the scheduled payment date.

1. How to Schedule Automatic Payment?

Assuming that by now you do have an account created on Ulta’s official website, you can simply log in and visit the payments page to set up your monthly auto-pay. You can schedule the date on which the payment is to be made along with the amount you want to pay.

2. How to Change an Already Scheduled Automatic Payment?

You don’t have an option to make any edits to an already scheduled automatic payment for now. But in case you do want to change the payment date or amount, you can discard the current scheduled automatic payment and set up a new one.

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3. How to Cancel a Scheduled Automatic Payment?

Just like you setup your automatic payment, you can cancel it the same way. All you have to do is visit the payments page, select the scheduled automatic payment you wish to cancel, and cancel it. You can cancel any scheduled automatic payment before midnight on the payment due date.

Can I Use a Debit Card to Make an Online Payment?

The answer, for now, is an unfortunate NO! You can’t make an online payment via your debit card to clear your Ulta Credit Card due. Ulta accepts online payments only through registered checking accounts and routing numbers. You can always add checking accounts though under the “My Profile” section.

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