Guide on How to Order a Cash App Visa Debit Card

Cash App Visa Debit Card

Cash App is an online banking platform that allows its users to send and receive money, it has made it easy for its users to pay bills and send money across to business partners, friends etc. It allows its users to generate funds with its ‘Cash Card’ known as the ‘Visa debit card’.

This new added feature the ‘Visa Debit Card’ has made transactions with the app even easier.

Cash App Visa debit card allows both retailers and merchants to use funds on the platform without having to log in to their Cash App accounts.

Now the question is how do you order a Cash App Visa Debit Card?

How to Order a Cash App Debit Card?

Before we proceed have this few facts in mind that Cash App Visa Debit card is available for persons above 18-years,  it is free of charge and it is not compatible with your bank account but only Cash App account.

To order this Visa Debit Card…

  1. First of all open your Cash App.
  2.  Navigate to Cash Card or account balance on the front page and tap on it.
  3.  Next click on ‘Get Cash Card
  4. Verify your personal info from the screen that popped up like (full name your date of birth, the mailing address, and the 4-digit number).
  5. You will be prompted to draw a symbol to be embossed on the Cash Card.

These cards are normally sent via the users mailing address. In case the card is misplaced you can simply go to your settings and turn it off from the app setting.

Click on Cash Card and click ‘Enable Cash Card’ and turn off.

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 Cash Card ATM Withdrawal Fees and Limit?

Cash App is rather amazing with this very fact; it doesn’t charge any additional fee when you make transactions from ATM.  

The only fee charged is from the concerned financial institution that has the ATM you made withdrawal from.

Cash App Debit Card is also known as Cash card allows a maximum of $250 per transaction at ATMs within 24hours, $1,000 per week and is capped at $1,250 per month.

What is the Cash App and How Do I Use it?

How to Reset Cash PIN?

Cash App pin is same with that of the cash card since they are both linked with each other.

So if you forgot your pin at any point or simply wish to change it, you can reset the pin using these guidelines below…

  1. Open your Cash App, click on the ‘Profile icons’ on the top left corner.
  2. Click on ‘Privacy’
  3. Navigate to ‘Change Cash PIN’ and tap on it.
  4. Click on ‘Forgot Cash PIN’ and a 6-digit confirmation code will be sent to you, write it in the provided box
  5. Write a new PIN and confirm it.

For iPhone users that have enabled a TouchID can use it to reset the confirmation code before resetting their new PIN.

Where Can You Use The Cash Card?

Any store that accepts Visa card will accept this Cash App Cash Card, they also allow users to link their Cash Card to Apple Pay, this gives you the liberty to make payment anywhere Apple Pay is accepted

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