Credit One Credit Card: Applications, Contact, and FAQs.

Credit One Credit Card

Almost all Credit cards work similarly especially when it comes to criteria that qualified you for it, but Credit One Credit Card is known for the fact that their credit card can be qualified for even if you have a low credit score and their Platinum Visa helps the user to grow good credit.

Credit one credit card offers 1% cashback on purchases including gas, groceries, and services such as mobile phone, internet, cable and satellite TV, etc to cardholders.

Credit One Credit card comes with a free FICO credit score, free prequalification details to intending applicants for this card, and zero dollar fraud liability.

So before you can apply for the card you should know what your credit score is before doing so with the free FICO credit score check.

Brief Review of Credit One Bank

Credit One Bank, N.A known as Credit One Bank is a U.S bank with its headquarters located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the financial institution offers services like credit cards and loans to small businesses that are qualified.

 Statistics show that in 2020, had over 10 million cardholders across the United States alone.

The Credit one bank also offers lending and deposit functions under a CEBA national bank charter (OCC Charter Number: 20291) they do not accept demand deposits or deposits that the depositor may withdraw by check or similar means for payment to third parties or others.

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How to Apply for Credit One Credit Card Online

To apply for Credit one Credit Card online, follow the steps below to apply

  • First visit their official card application site at site
  • Follow the instruction and fill in your personal information
  • Select if you want to apply for a card or respond to a mail offers as you fill your registration form.

Complete a Credit One Credit Card Application with a Mail Offer as follows:

After getting your Credit One via mail here is how to complete the application online.

  • After visiting their official website click on “Accept Mail Offer”.
  • Type in your approval code and your social security number (SSN) as requested on the form on the website.
  • Continue and follow the rest of the guidelines given and finish the application.
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How to apply for a Credit One Credit Card via Mail Offer

Here is how to complete the Credit one Credit card without a Mail offer.

  • After loading their card official site navigate to “Browse cards”.
  • Select the card you want.
  • And continue with your application just, same process as their the card application.

Note: If you want a Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit score, tap the “See if you pre-qualify” orange button to proceed.

  • Write your full name, mailing address, residential address, email address, phone number, social security number and your date of birth and total monthly income as prompted.
  • Tap on “See Card Offer” button and follow given instruction religiously to complete your to application.

Credit One Credit Card Customer Service Contact

Call their Customer service number at 1-877-825-32-42.

Credit One Credit Card Mail address is:

Credit One Bank

P.O. Box 98873

Las Vegas, NV, 89193-8872.

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Credit One Credit Card FAQs

What are the benefits of a Credit One credit card?

Credit One Credit cards offer cashback on eligible purchases.

 If you apply for a NASCAR Visa you can get double cash back at the store and 1% cashback on purchases on other card purchases

Approved APR for a Credit One credit card?

The APR approved for Credit One credit card is 19.74% to 25.74%.

Is there an annual fee?

The annual fee is strictly based on your credit history.

 It is $0 to $75 for the first year and $0 to $99 onwards

Is there a late fee?

If your payment is late, you can be charged a late fee of up to $38.

Where to use the Credit One card with virtual e-wallets.

Credit One cards can be used at Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

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