Bank of America Cash Rewards Card: Application, Rewards, And FAQs

Bank of America Cash Rewards Card

To apply for the Bank of America (BOA) cash reward card is really easy if you know the right processes.

In this post, we shall be giving you a vivid explanation and steps on how to apply for your Bank of American’s cash reward online.

This BOA cash reward system is compatible with the Merrill customer e-wallet and it offers easy access and cashback with other rewards and benefits which also triggers other investments for users of the card.

Talking about rewards, their card users have the liberty to choose from the six categories cash reward system ranging from 3% cashback, on purchases, 2% cash back for grocery, wholesale clubs, for the first $2,500 per quarter in combined bonuses category spending at zero fees which come with an attractive introductory offer of 0% APR financing, plus a cash bonus which can be accessed any time by the customer.

All Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card users enjoys a $200 reward when they spend a minimum of $1000 within the first 90-days of acquiring the credit card.

Sign Up for the Bank of America Account

This is the process to follow and Sign up for your Bank of America online account before other processes:

  • Load their website at
  • Tap on  “Register” button
  • You will be required to type your account number verification details info as requested e.g card last six digits, SSN etc On the next page, you need to create your ID and password
  • If all details been correct you will click on continue to complete the registration process.

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Bank of America Cash Rewards

Steps to Apply for Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card Online

Below are the steps to follow and apply for BOA cash reward online:

  • Load the Bank of American website at
  • Tap  “Apply Now” button
  • Input your personal details as prompted but if you have a different mailing address, tap on the “Send my statement to a different address.” And follow the instructions
  • Choose your country of resident, DOB, employment status, income source etc.
  • Choose the liquid assets that you have from the categories provided, which includes the amount of money you have in total in your checking and savings accounts, stocks, CDs, and money market accounts.
  • Write your monthly housing payment details but if you want to transfer a balance or add a cardholder, select the appropriate box.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the BOA cash reward credit online and finalize your procedure

Another way of Application for BOA Cash Rewards Credit Card

  • Bank of America cash rewards credit card application via phone call can be done via phone call to 1-800-932-27-75, and then you listen to the instructions carefully and follow the instructions given.
  • Visit any of their branches close to you and you will be attendanted to base on your demand by a customer care representative.

How to redeem your Bank of America reward credit card bonus

  • A qualifying 529 savings plan with Merrill or $25 is given to users.
  • Automatic redemptions for all eligible Bank of America or Merrill account starting at $25

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Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card FAQs

Does BOA charge an annual fee?                                                                   

BOA Cash Rewards card has no annual fee charge.

Does BOA have any intro APR?

BOA offers 0% APR for the first 12 months on purchases and changes after the first 60-days.

What is the APR for the BOA Cash Rewards credit card?

Between 15.24% and 25.24%.

Can I transfer a balance?

Yes, you can transfer a balance.

Can I use the Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card for foreign purchases?

You can use this credit card for foreign transactions and transaction fees can cost up to 3 percent.

What credit score is needed for the Bank of America Cash Rewards card

BOA requires a 750 to get approved for the Bank of America Cash Rewards card.

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