General Motors GM Card: Account Registration, Login, and Password Recovery

GM Card

General Motors (GM) Card is a globally known car maker and has made vehicles like Buick, Cadillac, and GMC which are used worldwide, their card registration, login, and password recovery, and other related benefits of this also card offering brand is what we shall be looking at in this article.

GM has affiliated with capital one as well.

The GM brand offers cards like the BuyPower cards, Business cards, and Family oriented cards which are for specific classes of people, just as Business cards are for workers and suppliers and SMEs, etc, and their BuyPower card is meant for individuals.

To access other features like replacing cards, making transactions, editing your personal information data, viewing the statement, bills payment, etc can be done if you read this article vividly.

Manage your GM Card Account online.

Well as earlier stated yon can manage a GM BuyPower credit card online if you have an account and can log in successfully below is how to log in to a GM card account and access its features;

Login Guide for the GM Card Account guide

  • First visit GM card account their portal here
  • Then click on the “Sign-In” Button.
  • Input your login details correctly followed by
  • A Double-click on the sign-in button to login.

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In case you forget your GM account password to recover it follow the steps below,

  • Visit the GM card login site and click on the correct forget password option.
  • Answer the prompted questions and provide the needed information and
  • Finally, click on the button “Find Me” complete the password recovery process
GM Card Login - Easy Way TO GM Credit Card Login & Management
GM card

Register for GM Card Account online

Before you can access the BuyPower card feature register a GM card as follows?

  • Load the card registration site at
  • Input your personal information like name DOB, SSN, card info etc as prompted.
  • Create log in password and verify  to complete the process
  • Click on apply to complete the process.

GM reward program for Card Members and FAQs

GM credit card offers great cashback, discounts, and tokens as points on goods bought with GM card which can be redeemed when buying a car part and this points earning is limitless as long as you purchase with the card.

Do GM points expire?

No, they do not expire users can redeem them any time once credited on the user’s account.

When can I manage my GM card account?

The GM card website is accessible 24/7, which means you can access it at your liberty.

What is the GM BuyPower Card Customer Service contact?

For complaints and other service inquiries, simply call their representatives at 1-888-316-2390

What’s the expiry date of the FamilyCard?

The GM family card is valid for valid till seven years from the day it was approved

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How to Make Online Bill Payments with GM

To make a pay bill with your GM card follow the steps below;

  • Load their bill payment site.
  • Input your login details like (Email and Password).
  • After a successful login you can see all the other features concerning what you want.

How Do I Make a Complaint about the GM Extender Family Card?

Question concerning your GM extender card, you can simply call their customer care representative at 1-800-947-1000.

Methods to Manage your BuyPower Business Card Online

Once you log in successfully you will access features like rewards, view different offers, or set up earning profile edit profile make a bill payment, balance and several other settings too, you can also keep track of your rewards, view new and existing offers.

To get suggestions on the kind of card to acquire or other related questions call the GM card representatives at 1-800-446-5347.

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