GAP Credit Card: Full Review, Login, FAQs, and Pros and Cons

GAP Credit Card

This post is your solution concerning GAP credit card login, Faqs, and pros and cons and we will discuss further how to use this Synchrony Bank-issued credit card, limitations outside their family outlets, and benefits.

This GAP credit card is suitable for those who buy regular with Banana Republic, Old Navy, or Athleta and is most beneficial also to those who pay off monthly bills.

It as well earns the cardholder 5 points for each dollar spent at GAP family stores, 20% off and free shipping for the first purchase with the card other bonuses in points.

The GAP credit card is a store card that gives little or no charge for purchases on features like cash advance fee, over-limit fee, and foreign transaction fee is not be given either.

GAP deals basically on clothing fashionables and their rewards are given to given to those who purchase with their credit card.

GAP Credit Card Login details

When you log in successfully to your GAP credit card, you have access to features like bill payments, check rewards balance, see billing statements and below is how to log in to your Gap credit card,

  • Visit the GAP official .
  • Input your login details username and password and tap on secure login button
  • Follow the verification steps you will be able to proceed.
  • GAP Visa Credit Card has an APR variable of 25.24%.
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Gap Credit Card

How to Apply for a GAP Credit Card Correctly

To apply for a GAP credit card you must meet these criteria you must be resident in the United States of America, have a good credit history, have a social security number (SSN) and government-issued identity card before you can start your application which is as follows;

  • First visit the GAP credit card official application site here
  • Input your personal information as prompted.
  • Select your preferred delivery method to receive the billing statement.
  • Accept the Synchrony Bank terms and conditions and submit.

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FAQs about GAP Credit Card

Does GAP have late fees charges?

Yes, $27 applies for overdue payments for the last six months and $37 late fees if you have already missed the payment in the previous six months also. If your payment is due, then you have 26 days more to settle from the billing date of your statement.

This is one of the Gap amazing features that makes everyone want to acquire their credit card

Gap Credit Card Customer Service

If you wish to make an inquiry or lay a complaint about GAP call 1800-427-7895 to speak to a customer care representative if you live in the US and for those outside the US then call 1-614-744-3907 and 1866-450-4468 for general usage for both US residents and non-US residents.

Gap credit card reward program

As earlier hinted, GAP credit card earns their user 5 points for every $1 spent at GAP family stores, Athletica, Old Navy, and the Banana Republic and 1 point for every other purchase, for every $5 spend earns the cardholder 500 points

Other benefits include

Once you enrol for the GAP e-statements you earn 4,000 more points, 10% off, GAP patronage also earn you birthday gifts, have the liberty of receipt-free returns, and help you save for every $100 spent at GAP as it earns the account holder $5 bonus and is also given 1 point per dollar spent at gas stations and  grocery stores for every other $1 purchase

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GAP APR and Cash Advances

Their international transaction may cost the GAP cardholder much more fees and is like the perception which people have for Store cards regarding high-interest rates.

So if you acquire a GAP credit card of any type my best advice is for you to make more purchases at their family stores and pay your balances on time to avoid high APRs and charges than other related transactions and avoid other unnecessary fees.

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