Learn How Do Old Navy Credit Card Work

Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy is best known for its stylish clothes which are sold at affordable prices. These outfits could cost as low as $5 and $25, thereby allowing many to buy quality and stylish clothes at low prices.

To facilitate the purchase, the store has its own branded credit cards just as others to ease shopping or purchases.

Here is a review of old navy credit card works and what you should learn from it.


  • You can access both closed loop and open loop card of Old Navy in line with your credit information. 
  • The Old Navy card can be used at any Gap brand so as to earn points within the reward program.
  • The APR of this card is 27.49%.

Not One Card-Two

Financial institutions have a mandate of branding credit cards, which could be open-loop or closed-loop card. Old Navy came out with two related but different cards.

Just as standard cards work, so do Open-loop cards where purchases can be made everywhere Visa brand is recognized. While closed-loop card allows purchases with the store.

Amongst the two cards, the closed-loop, Old Navy Store Card can easily be accessed. Your opportunity to use open loop, Old Navy Visa Card depends on your good credit record that will qualify you.

The benefits and rewards that come with an open-loop Visa Card is its acceptable nature at other Visa points while the Store card is accepted at Gap brand stores.

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The Bank

Synchrony financial was established in 2003 with a mandate to issue cards for purchases at Old Navy. These cards are then offered through its Retail Card Department with assistance from private label credit cards.

There was a legal battle that was instituted against the company as a result of dubious financial practice but was resolved through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Department of Justice in June 2014.

The Old Navy Credit Card

Due to the connection of Old Navy with Gap brand, Old Navy card can easily be used at Gap owned stores such as the Banana Republic, Athleta and Piperline. Similarly, both Gap and Banana Republic cards are issued by Synchrony Financial.

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Cardholders accept a $5 reward for 500 points earned after spending $100 at any Gap brand or online store. This turns to five points earned for every $1 spent and $1 in rewards for every 100 points earned.

Cardholders can as well enjoy the accumulation of points outside of Gap stores with the Old Navy Visa card. Old Navy Visa card customers receive one point for every $1 spent. Once you earn 500 points, you receive a $5 reward for redemption at any Gap brand store. 

Your first sign out for card attract 20% discount on your first purchase, you are to receive a promotional notices through your email and a discount on your birthday.

The Fine Print

Old Navy Card annual percentage rate (APR) is very expensive haven put at 27.49% for both the open loop and closed loop card. There is variation in rates most times but the good news is that there is no annual fee attached to the cards.

Early payment on or before the due date help to build your credit score but when paid late, attract a late fee of $39 but with no penalty interest rate.

If you use your open loop, Visa card outside of the United States, you will pay a 3% foreign transaction fee on every purchase. (If you happen to be a frequent international traveller, then you have access to better cards in your wallet than this one.)

Cash advances for the Old Navy Visa card cost $10 or 4%, whichever is greater, and an APR of 28.49% applies. If you have a store card, cash advances aren’t available.

The Bottom Line

Just like other credit cards, interest will be charged on Old Navy cards. Also to be charged is the APR 27.49%. A closed-loop card is used at any Gap brand. Loyal Gap brand customers can also benefit from the rewards program.

One thing we must bear in mind is the interest rate of 27.49%, the APR of this card ranks high, as one of the highest interest rate levels in the business.

While the card’s benefit can be attractive on the whole, carrying a balance will generally wipe out any reward benefits once the interest is charged.

Thus, many savvy credit users may seek to opt for a card with lower interest and/or other promotional reward offers like comprehensive reward points or cashback.

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