Kroger Credit Card: Application, Reward, and FAQs

Kroger Credit Card

Kroger credit card is very beneficial to people who make large and regular fuel purchases, earning them a reward of .25¢ on every gallon bought.

Patronage at Kroger Co. stores offers the cardholder at least 100 fuel points monthly which can be used in purchases.

This Kroger credit card is issued by US Bank National Association and to acquire this credit card requires a credit score of 700 and above.

There is also a welcome bonus for users, a sign-up bonus of $100, cashback on $200 spent within the first 40-days of account opening, not just that, the Mastercard offers travel assistance services, Mastercard Global service, purchase assurance, warranty manager service, identity theft resolution services, zero fraud liability, among other tens of benefit which leaves the cardholder with zero worries.

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How to Apply for Kroger Credit Card Online

Below are the processes to follow and register a Kroger Online account.

  • First visit their online portal at visit
  • Tap on the “Apply Now” button
  • Input your first and last name and date of birth, social security number, citizenship, phone number, email address, and physical address.
  • Choose your employment status and annual income stream.
  • Accept the terms and conditions to complete your Kroger credit card application

Other Ways to Apply for Kroger Credit Card

Another way to apply for a Kroger Credit card offline is to simply call 1-888-219-18-22 and follows the prompts.

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Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard® | Home 1-2-3 REWARDS Credit Card
Kroger Credit Card

Kroger Mastercard Credit Card Rewards Program

Kroger credit card offers perks and rewards as follows, a sign-up bonus of $100 and a cashback of $200 on a certain amount spent within the first 40-days of account opening, not just that, they also offer travel assistance services, Mastercard Global service, purchase assurance, warranty manager service, identity theft resolution services and zero fraud liability.

Kroger credit card offers 5% cash back on purchases made on the user’s mobile wallet amounting to $3000 within 12months, and $1 subsequently, it offers $2 cashback for purchases done in-store, and 1% for other stores.

Kroger credit card cashback is earned only on eligible net purchases.

Transactions listed as eligible does not include cash advances and balance transfers.

Talking about mobile transactions, this includes Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay and LG Pay.

Eligible mobile transactions are Kroger store, in-app and online purchases only take note of that.

Rewards are redeemed from $10 in real-time credit or statement credit, a reward of $25 can be redeemed at Kroger family of company gift card.

New cardmembers are offered several discounts at the stores when they redeem at least 100 points earn from fuel purchases.

New cardmembers who cannot spend up to the required amount get a 25¢ discount within a calendar year are offered an extra 5¢ fuel discount at Kroger Family of Companies Fuel Centers

To benefit from a total rewarding system for store purchases at Kroger, you are recommended to acquire the Kroger Rewards World Elite Mastercard.

Amazing in as much as the reward of Kroger master card are low, it offers rewards for both their family stores and outside.

Tip: Kroger family stores purchases do not earn as many rewards as their eligible mobile purchase do.

Kroger Mastercard FAQs

What is the APR for a Kroger credit card?

The APR is between 13.74% to 25.74% which is based on the prime rate and credit history.

Can you do cash advances?

Yes at an APR of 26.99% at a fee of 4% or $10, whichever is greater?

Is there an annual fee?

Kroger Mastercard has a zero annual fee.

Is there a late fee?

Overdue payments attract a fee of $38.

Can I do a balance transfer with my Kroger Mastercard?

The balance transfer fee is 4% or $10, whichever is greater.

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