Wayfair Credit Card: Application, Rewards, and FAQs

Wayfair Credit Card

Wayfair Credit Card offers a good reward system to their cardholders, especially for online purchases and other special financings, as long as you are qualified.

Wayfair Credit card is issued by Citi bank and is very favorable on home decor materials and furnishing purchases.

Well, the APRs for their card are pretty high and their benefits are also limited.

Eligibility for this card is for those who have good to excellent credit scores, it depends on the kind of card the user wants to apply for, generally speaking, it ranges from 580-850 variables.

 There are two kinds of Wayfair cards users can apply for;

  • Wayfair credit card: offers you up to 5% in cashback on purchases made on Wayfair sites.
  • Wayfair Mastercard: with this card, users earn 3% at grocery stores, 2% on most online purchases, and 1% on other purchases.

They also offer a digital card which saves the inconvenience of misplacing a card, but Wayfair master cards are physical, this digital card can only be used at Wayfair’s online store.

Wayfair credit card can be used at any point Mastercard is accepted.

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Apply for Wayfair Credit Card Online

Here are the guidelines to follow and apply for a Wayfair credit card online:

  • First visit their official site here.
  • Tap on “Apply” button
  • Navigate to the left side of your screen and tap on “Apply Now” button.
  • Log in with your Wayfair account details. But if you do not have a Wayfair account registers one.
  • Then input your email address and click on “Continue”.
  • Follow “Sign-In” button and follow the instructions to complete your application for Wayfair credit card application online.
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Wayfair Credit Card

Other Ways to Apply for Wayfair Credit Card

Another way to apply for a Wayfair credit card is by simply calling them at 1-866-513-57-95, then listening to the instruction that follows to register.

Wayfair Credit Card Rewards Program

This credit card’s reward programs come in two ways, you can either choose the special financing which lasts for 36-months or the 3 % cashback for purchase orders but terms apply.

Wayfare credit card users get 40% of their first purchases when they buy at least $250.

Shoppers who spent on home furnishing and decorations, get the best out of the credit card as the total amount is spanned across a period of time, it offers rewards plus special financing to help the card user pay back conveniently.

Wayfair in-store shoppers are rewarded 5% back on all eligible purchases, but percent declines on the higher purchase amounts.

Wayfair eligible stores are:

  • Wayfair.com
  • Jossandmain.com
  • Allmodern.com
  • Birchlane.com
  • Perigold.com

Wayfair credit card offers several products and services like budgeting, loans banking, insurance, taxes, mortgages etc.

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Wayfair Credit Card FAQs

What is the APR?

The APR starts from 28% and it varies based on Prime Rate.

Can I transfer a balance?

NO, you can’t transfer a balance with a Wayfair card, you can only top-up a balance onto the card.

What is Wayfair’s credit card credit score?

Wayfair credit card requires a credit score of at least 580 to 850 to make you eligible for their card.

Does the Wayfair card have an annual fee attached?

NO, Wayfair charges zero annual fees.

Does Wayfair charge a fee for late payments?

Yes, Wayfair charges up to $38 for overdue payments, and to avoid this you have to make your all outstanding payments on due dates.

How long does it take Wayfair customer care to respond?

Their customer care responds to complaints almost immediately it is open 24/7

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