REI Credit Card Guide: Login, Application Methods, Rewards, and FAQs

REI Credit Card Guide

US Bank National Association is the exclusive issuer of the REI credit card, to apply for it with different methods you need to follow the right steps and see what is required to complete the process and the benefits you stand to gain on acquiring this card.

REI credit card is one of the best credit cards that offer a lot of benefits to their cardholders ranging from discounts, welcome bonuses with certain criteria on purchases, zero annual fee charges.

If you are so into whitewater rafting, hiking, and other outdoor games, you won’t like to miss out on the benefits of an REI credit card offers.

With this card, you can earn a cashback of 5% on REI buys, 1% cash back for every other purchase.

Other benefits include compensation for missing luggage and access to the corporation’s luxury hotels and resorts company website.

You also have the unbeatable share of REI credit benefits; you must be a lifetime member of the REI’s to be accepted to apply for Sam’s club card which is also their partner.

The membership charges the sum of $20 but earns the cardholder more rewards like special pricing on REI adventure trips and access to semiannual REI garage sales, and discounts of 50 percent plus on used and returned gear.

Only those with a credit score of 700 and above are considered eligible for the credit card.

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REI Credit Mastercard

How to Apply for REI Credit Card Online

Below is how to apply for your REI credit card;

  • First load their online site at
  • Then tap on the  on the “Learn More” button
  • Navigate to the “Apply Now” and tap on it and that is where you can start you REI credit card application
  • Your personal information like your full name, date of birth, and social security number (SSN) are required.
  • Select citizenship, type your phone number, email address, physical address, select whether you own or rent apartment where you live please indicate, input your monthly payment bill.
  •  Indicated clearly your employment status and enter your annual income and add further information if you want to transfer a balance, enter your card information as well.
  • Navigate to the box showing terms and conditions then click on “submit”
  • Simply check for your card application status by calling REI credit card customer care representative with this phone number 800-947-1444.

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Another method to Apply for REI Credit Card is as follows

  • You can apply for a REI car by calling them with 1-877-734-97-37.
  • Or visit any of their outlets and ask for information on how to register for the REI credit card and you will be attended to.

REI Credit Card Rewards Program

REI credit cardholders enjoy a 5% cashback for their REI purchases and 1% cashback on all other purchases.

The REI World Mastercard offers benefits like travel assistance and lost luggage protection and so on, other benefits are discounts of 50 percent plus on used and returned gear for users.

REI Credit Card FAQs

What is the APR for REI credit card?

The APR for REI credit cards varies but it is basically on the user’s Prime Rate, credit history ranging from 12.99% to 24.99%.

Can I transfer a balance with this card?

Yes, You can transfer a balance but at a transaction fee of 3%, the APR is equal to your purchase APR.

What is there an annual fee?

REI credit card has a zero annual fee charge.

What is their late fee?

Overdue payments can be charged at $38.

Can I get a cash advance with this card?

Yes, you can but it may cost you at least 25.99% and a 4% fee for each transaction.

We hope that with the above-outlined headings you can apply for the REI credit card easily and conveniently with different methods and also have a good insight into what the card is all about.

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