Sears Credit Card: Application, Rewards and FAQs

Sears Credit Card

Sears Holdings Corp. introduced its credit card in 1985 the U.S based store chain sells clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry, cosmetic Products, etc, those who shop regularly with this Sears credit card get a lot of benefits ranging from discounts to cash backs for purchases at their online stores.

To qualify for a Sear credit card, you are required to reach a certain credit score to be considered, you should at least have a good to high credit score ranging from 660 to 700 for both their credit card and MasterCard respectively qualify and share in the unbeatable financing offers.

About Sears Credit card

Sears credit card is offered by Citibank, these two groups have partnered to make this “Shop Your Way” multipurpose credit card that is usable anywhere a credit card is accepted.

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Sears Credit Card

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Sears credit card is an in-store card that offers a variety of benefits and rewards to users who purchase in their online store or Kmart.

Sears Holdings Corp. was formally the biggest retailing chain in the U.S but had major financial crises in 2018.

The one-time major employer of labor with 3000 store units now just manages to operate just a few, numbering 33 store units and 18 Kmart.

Richard Warren Sears a practicing railway agent at that time took advantage of his transport experience and began selling gold by mail-order catalog, a business that grow up to become a renowned business empire in the State of America which kick-started in 1886.

Sears credit card offers points for purchases with the credit card on gasoline and food which are redeemed at Sears’s store’s departments.

Another sear credit card benefit is, it offers cardholders a “Home Services Financing” relief of over $1500 on heating and air conditioning equipment, windows, vinyl siding, and kitchen gadgets which comes with an 18-month zero financing service.

Sears home financing service also offers card users home upgrading assistance e.g. renovations and installations for their homes.

New users of this card get $10 off their purchases made on the first day.

Electronic purchases can give a Sears credit card holder 5% off or no interest if the user pays off all his credit duly.

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How to Apply for Sears Credit Card

Below are the outlined steps on how to apply for your Sears credit card online;

  • First load their official site at
  • Select the “Credit Card” option and click on “Apply Now”.
  • Choose the card you wish to apply for either Sears store card or MasterCard credit cards.
  • Tap on ‘’Apply & Use Today’’ to proceed.
  • Login to your “Shop Your Way” account with your email and password to continue.
  • Follow the instructions given and accept to their terms and conditions as well to complete your application process

Other Ways to Apply for your Sears Credit Card

  • You can apply for a Sears’s credit card at their outlets close to you.

Sears Credit Card Rewards Program

Sears credit card holders enjoy a 5% discount on gas purchases, 3% for groceries and restaurants, 2% on purchases at Kmart and Sears, 1% on other purchases, also special financing offers on equipment and other related goods.

Sears Credit Card FAQs

What is the APR for a Sears credit card?

The APR for both Sears’s credit card and MasterCard is 26.99% according to Prime Rate.

Can I get a cash advance?

Yes, but with an APR of 28.90%, a fee of 5%, or $5, whichever is higher

What is the annual fee?

Sear credit cards have zero annual fee charge.

What is there a late fee?

Overdue payments can attract a fee of up to $38

Can I transfer a balance with my Sears Mastercard?

You can transfer a balance with your Sears Mastercard at a cost of 5% or $10, whichever is higher.

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