Can You Cash a Payroll Check at Walmart?

Payroll Check

Walmart is one of the biggest store chains in the USA, to cash a payroll check at Walmart shouldn’t be any headache and other related questions if you follow this article.

Walmart Money Center provides customers either registered or non-registered users, non-bank account holders the convenience to cash their checks in any of their stores.

Walmart Cash Payroll Checks?

Yes, you can cash your payroll Checks at Walmart stores any day, any time even if you do not patronize the store giant, this feature was added for convenience for business people in fact anyone at all.

If for any reason you do not want to cash your payroll check, or even if you do not operate any account at all, Walmart will serve you best as an option as long as you visit them for this purpose during working hours check more details on Store Finder website.

How to Cash Payroll Check at Walmart

Cashing a payroll check requires you to simply tender the check slip at the Walmart store in the department of Walmart Money Center which also does not require you to have a MoneyCard before doing this.

Simply hand over the check slip to the person on duty, show them a valid government ID and Social Security Number (SSN) for verification and wait for the Walmart money representative to endorse the check and ascertain it is cashable and then he/she will hand you your cash within minutes.

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How to Cash a Check at Walmart | Great Finance Ideas

Walmart Payroll Check Limit and Charges

Walmart allows you to cash a payroll check of $5000 maximum limit, in recent times the limit was raised to $7500 effected from the beginning of the year calendar January to April.

Well, I call this a fair deal because Walmart offers this payroll service for a charge of as little as $8 per $1000 and a $4 charge per approved transaction.

Users who have a Walmart Money card, like the Walmart reloadable prepaid card, simply load the amount written on the check-in their card at their stores at a transaction fee of $3.

Why it is necessary to open a Bank Account?

Well, we all don’t need to be told that banks are the mother of all money-related transactions and full of transparency plus reliable ways of doing cash and wireless transaction irrespective of other money transacting apps and options.

So in our present-day generation, it is safest to have an account as you may even have access to loans, credits etc.

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A bank account allows you to do the following with your payroll checks;

  • Direct Deposit: if you own a bank account, you can directly receive cash from you clients, friend, employer etc, without having to go to Walmart or any other place to cash your checks with little or no fee attached for the transaction.
  • Lower Check Cashing Fees: cashing a check at the bank is relatively cheaper than any other option; some financial institutions charge nothing for checking fees why some charge just little depending on the bank.
  •  Easy Access to Your Money: You can have direct or easy access to your funds with your debit card, easy access to online transactions without having to go and wait to cash a check before you proceed especially when you need cash for emergency.
  •  Account Management: When you operate a bank account you can simply call your account manager to make funds transfer to stipulated accounts without you. visiting your bank.
  • Better Access to Loans: when you operate an account with a particular bank you stand a better chance of accessing a loan to be able to help you finance a project at hand or intended one etc

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