GAP VISA CREDIT CARD: All you need to know about the Credit Card


The Gap Visa credit card is a co-branded card, it made as an effort of the clothing retailer and the credit card issuer. With the Gap Visa card, you’ll be able to earn 5 points per $1 spent at Gap-branded stores, either in-person or online, and 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

There’s no annual fee, and it offers a one-time 20% discount for new card members. However, it does have a high APR for purchases, and it charges foreign transaction fees.


  • Gap-branded stores rewards are higher
  • You are offered 20% discount off your on first purchase
  • You can enjoy extra shopping perks
  • Qualify you for Gap Silver status


  • Very high APR
  • Foreign transaction fees is involve
  • Complex nature of Application process


#1. High rewards at Gap-branded stores: Members of Gap Visa Card are entitled to earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Gap-branded stores, including Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and, of course, the Gap itself. Plus, you’ll get 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases. 

#2. 20% discount on your first purchase: Once a card is approved, you receive an instant 20% discount on your first purchase with your credit card. This discount can only be used at Gap or Gap Factory and once, it must be used within 30 days of your opening the account.

#3. Extra shopping perks: As a cardmember, you’re entitled to special perks, including bonus point shopping days and birthday gift (as long as you’ve made one purchase at Gap in the last 12 months).

#4. Eligibility for Gap Silver Status: when you earn 5,000 points in a calendar year. This shows your spending of $1,000 at Gap-branded stores or $5,000 on non-Gap purchases or a combination of all which qualify you for Gap Silver status.

At this stage, you are open to extra benefits, such as a 20% quarterly bonus reward, free online shipping, and basic alterations on Banana Republic purchases. You’ll also have access to a special customer service hotline.

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#1. The APR is very High: Store-branded credit cards tend to have high APRs, and the Gap Visa card is no exception. The APR for this card is 25.99% on purchases, as of June 2020.

According to the Federal Reserve, the average APR for all credit cards assessed interest is just 16.61%, as of Feb. 2020. While for the Gap Visa’s APR is much in accordance with other store-branded cards’ APRs, making it higher in the overall design thereby forcing a decline interest-rate environment.

This costly interest fee may be reduced by paying off your balance in full each month. But if you tend to carry a balance, you might want to consider shopping around for a card that has a lower APR.

#2. Foreign transaction fees: Gap Visa Cards charged 3% on purchases outside United States and on transactions from a foreign vendor. If your spending is to be $1,000 on such transactions, that means you can pay $30 in fees. 

Whereas many other cards don’t charge foreign transaction fees. For example, the SavorOne Rewards from Capital One card has no annual fee, charges no foreign transaction fees, and you’ll earn unlimited 3% cashback on dining and entertainment.

#3. Confusing application process: The application process for Gap Visa Card is amazing. Once you apply for a Gap Visa card, you are automatically considered for two different cards i.e. the Gap Visa card and the GapCard.

The Gap Visa is designed to be used anywhere Visa is accepted, whereas the GapCard can only be used at Gap-branded stores. Note, the APR and annual fee for both cards are the same.

During the application, you don’t need to state the category of the card but all you need to do is send in your information and Synchrony Bank is the financial institution that services Gap credit card applications will consider you for the Gap Visa card. If you are not approved for that card, you are automatically considered for the GapCard.

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Rewards Strategist

The targeted customers of Gap Visa Card are basically people who like and deals with fashion (clothing and accessories) yearly.

When you consider shopping with ease at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, or Athleta with your spending worth of hundreds of dollars, choose Gap Visa Card today and enjoy all the benefits it comes with.

The benefits that comes with include includes high APR on purchases, and be mindful of paying off your balance in full every month to avoid much interest charges that accompany it.

Gap Visa Bonus

Every Gap Visa Card issued comes with 20% discount code and free shipping on your first purchase with the card and also 30days from the day the account is opened to claim your discount at the Gap or Gap factory purchases.

This discount will go a long way to help you save a considerably amount of money when you intend to update your wardrobe. For example, when add a gown, a pair of Chinox, and a dress from Gap to your shopping cart, which bring your total to $307.90.

If it was your first purchase as a Gap Visa cardmember and you used your 20% discount, you’d get $61.58 off the total. You’d pay just $246.32, instead.

Rewards Earning Details

Gap Visa Card offer you earning of 5 points per $1 spent at Gap-branded stores, including Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta. Another noticeable earning is 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

Rewards Redemption Details

There is a reward of $5 to be redeemed in-store or online for every 500 points you earn on your account. While the highest reward to redeem at a time is $50, there is no limit to the amount of reward to be earned.

nevertheless, in every billing cycle the mount of reward do not exceed $250 but if  your rewards exceed the said amount, any extra reward points will be carried over to the next billing cycle.

How to Maximize Gap Visa Credit Card Rewards

The volume of your shopping at Gap-branded stores using Gap Visa Card qualify you for maximize your rewards. Just imagine earning 5points on every $1 spent on purchases.

Records available from Bureau of Labour Statistics had it that, an American consumer spent $1,866 on apparel in 2018. If this amount was spent on clothing from Gap-branded stores using your credit card for such purchases, the earning would have been 9,330 points.

Calculatively, going by $5 reward for every 500 points of earn, the 9,330 points would have been $90 in rewards with 330 points left over for another billing cycle.

Standard Benefits

The Gap Visa card’s benefits are usual of a store-branded card. Bonuses include:

  • Bonus point shopping days
  • Special birthday gift

Cardholder Experience

Most of the store branded cards today are not issued by merchants themselves but issued and managed by banks or financial services. The Gap Visa card is not exception; the card is managed and serviced by Synchrony Bank, a national credit card issuer.

It is disheartening that Synchrony records about customer service are very poor. According to J.D. Power’s Credit Card Satisfaction Study, Synchrony was ranked 10th out of 11 card issuers. Going by the records, the average ranking for a national card issuer was 806, while Synchrony’s ranking was just 780. 

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Security Features

The Gap Visa has vital security features which are typical for credit cards. This means cardholders are covered by zero liability protection; therefore, customers are not responsible for unauthorized transactions.

Our Verdict

The Gap Visa offer inspiring and enticing benefits such as 5 points per $1 if spent on Gap-brand purchases. This has compelled customers to shop only at Gap-branded stores to earn them higher rewards rate, and the rewards can only be redeemed at Gap-branded stores.

When you discover APR on a credit card is very high, it has a negative effect when a customer fails to pay the balance in full by month-end, this will tend to accumulate a high-interest rate.

As a Gap fan, you can try Gap Visa, with its option to be used elsewhere. But if you’re not a Gap supporter, you’re likely better off with a retail-oriented, general rewards card that offers more rewards on every purchase and that has more redemption options.

A cardholder with a strong credit score can probably qualify for a lower rate elsewhere than the Gap Visa’s high purchase APR.

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