How Does the Home Depot Credit Card Work plus all the Rewards and Benefits

Home Depot Credit Card

How The Home Depot Credit Card Works ?

Having a home is one thing improving it is another ball game; despite that home improvement is necessary and very expensive your surest way to get it done is to get a Home Depot Credit Card.

Home Depot offers different credit cards which have different unique financing features, they have (consumer cards and company cards)-the home consumer credit card basic function is it offers purchasers at their stores a 0% financing fee for purchases from $299 and more for the first six months.

The Home Depot store credit cards are marked with “private label” and are used for transactions only at their retails points while their general used credit cards have a MasterCard or Visa branded logo on them and can be used at any merchant or retails.

Note that home depot gives commercial cards to interested contractors and business men.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Cards are supplied by Citibank.

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The Home Depot Project Loan Card

Basically, Home Depot issues two kinds of credit cards which come with a zero percent interest and 17.99% to 26.99% APR. Its project loan card gives $55,000 in the loan.

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card that is used to make transactions of $299 and above, the cardholder gets an interest of 0% for 6 months and amazing promos for one year also 1-year  zero-interest funding for purchasing appliances of $299, 2-years on heating & air conditioning and $25 on snow blowers.

This promo offers an interesting deal but failure to pay your balance up, you will have to pay an interest even if your balance is overdue for 1-day.

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This could be a trap deal because failure to pay your balance in full after getting this offer, stand on the gaining side, so remember that you must have a way to pay back your due balances on time before you accept these offers.

Another offer is an (APR) of 7.42% to payback in 6-month which comes with no strings. The loan credit card gives up to 84-months for the consumer to repay their balance. 

Rewards and Benefits of the Home Depot Credit Card

The basic rewards and benefits of The Home Depot consumer credit card are;

  • an initial 0% interest rate for six months on purchases from $299 and above they offer a 5% statement credit for certain goods.

The home depot credit card work best at their family stores offering better discounts and fascinating offers.

Where Can the Home Depot Card Be Used?

The Home Depot credit card with private label is used online in their stores and its online malls. Home Depot’s two consumer credit cards can’t be used in any other stores like other general cards.

Alternatives to the Home Depot Card

For general shopping, we advise you get another credit card except you are a contractor or business person, the home depot credit card offers are mostly beneficial to this type of consumers.

Terms and Conditions of the Home Depot Card

The Home Depot card APRs include is 17.99%, 21.99%, 25.99%, or 26.99% based on the nature of the card and over $40 late fee for late balance payment. No cash backs, it only offers a $55,000 loan for renovation and other related projects.

Who Should Consider the Home Depot Card

If you have a home project or need to borrow to upgrade a home then The Home Depot Card is the best option, but for normal shoppers, you won’t get much benefit or anything at all except its during a promo period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to get a Home Depot credit card?

Home Depot have no specified requirements that qualify consumers, but as a holder of this card, you must have in mind that its consumers get 17.99% to 26.99% APR for overdue balance.

To get the card will have to apply via home depot website  

Is the Home Depot card worth it?

The Home Depot credit card basic benefits are 0% financing for purchases from $299 and more for six months, initial statement credits and promotion discounts for some products but no cash backs or rewards.

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Does Home Depot have a rewards card?

Home Depot does not offer rewards with cards, its individual consumer and contractors cards come with discounts

Home Depot offers a credit card?

Home Depot offers a personal credit card is used only at Home Depot stores or online it has project charge card for individual businessmen. 

How do I get a Home Depot card?

Home Depot card is issued by Citibank after 10-days of application.
It can be applied online through their website and their store. 

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I hope this helps you make better decision financing your home. It’s important to always use all the available options when it comes to finance. This could be one among many others. We encourage you to take a look and compare all the available options before going for one that suit you the most.

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