How To Write a Cheque with Cents In Words and Figures Guide

Cheque with Cents

There are different ways of writing Cheque numbers, but knowing exactly how to write a Cheque with cents can really be helpful since it doesn’t just have to end with writing in words alone.

There may be many ways to transfer funds but in this article, we will discuss vividly the way you can transfer cash by writing a Cheque with cents to a recipient and also suggest the best possible way to write your Cheque with cents.

Why you should know how to write a Cheque with Cents?

Well, some people may simply want to enrich their knowledge concerning writing Cheques with cents, while some need to use it immediately to write one for a client or whosoever.

There are several ways you can go about writing a Cheque without cents and it is important to know all the methods and the best one to use as well.

Steps to writing a Cheque with cents:

First Line: Date

On a Cheque slip, you will first see a space where to write the date. This box is normally a section with the format found at the top right corner of the Cheque slip fill in the date as prompted while writing a Cheque.

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  Month (MM)  Day(DD)  Year(YY)

Second Line: Pay To The Order of (Receivers Name)

In this second section of your Cheque, you are normally required to write the receiver’s name (it can be an individual or the designated company’s name).

After that you will have to draw a line or two lines across the remaining space on the line you wrote this recipient’s name to prevent anybody else from altering the name or adding another detail after you have signed the Cheque.

For example, if you are writing a Cheque for an individual, “Martins Otokpa————” if it is a company, simply write the company’s name like this write “United Nation———-“

Third Line: Amount section ($)

In this section, you will find the dollar sign ($) before the space provided for you to write the amount you wish to give your client. Write the amount 35.40 if you have 35dollars and 40cents and so on.

Fourth Line: Amount in Words

Here is how to write your Cheque and fill the total amount in words without cents

So if you wrote the total amount in the figure, you can write the amount in words as follows;

  1. 35.47 e.g. (Thirty-five dollars and 47/100)
  2. 90.55: e.g. (Ninety dollars and 55/100)
  3. 0.32: e.g. (Six thousand dollars and 32/100)
  4. 2,400.60 e.g. (Two thousand four hundred sixty dollars and 60/100)

The above methods are all approved forms of writing a Cheque amount in words with cents.

Fifth Line: Memo (optional)

This line can be used to indicate what you are writing the Cheque for (for record-keeping); it can either be for an event, school fees, birthday, registration etc.

This section is optional anyways; you can simply leave it blank. 

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Sixth Line: Signature

This is one of the most important sections in writing a Cheque, signing a Cheque simply means you have approved what you wrote on the Cheque slip, a Cheque can never be approved for cashing by the designated bank if it is not signed.

So before signing, make sure you check and verify the information you wrote on the slip and do not sign a Cheque and leave it blank, because someone may just steal the Cheque slip and write his/her preferred amount and steal money from our account.

Though this may vary depending on your bank or your country, the principle is the same. It is very important to know how to write a check correctly to avoid mistakes.

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