MetLife Insurance Complete Review of Car Insurance, Home Insurance and Farmers Insurance

MetLife Insurance

MetLife insurances has the auto and home insurance now a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance welcome some changes in its operation and management on the 7th April 2021.

Known for its auto, home policy, and other insurance options like life, health, and pet insurance, the coverage and premium remain the same while your policy will be issued via Farmers.

The changes that are due with the shift in operation and management are: when your policy is due to be renewed, there is likely to be a change in rates, discounts, or coverage and this excludes MetLife’s MyDirect program which is still answerable to MetLife.

This acquisition is a good development to many beneficiaries of MetLife life insurance, due to the reasonable rate of solid coverage Farmers are offering customers as against the low rate under MetLife.

For better services, our team of experts is readily available to offer support, and other helpful details required concerning the acquisition.


  • Bundling home and auto insurance to save money
  • Adding coverage to a home insurance policy


  • Getting the cheapest car insurance rates without qualifying for discounts

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MetLife Auto Insurance

MetLife options are marginally less expensive but though above average. Its coverage level rates are a reason at which its drivers are enjoying the surcharge that comes with an accident incidence due to its less expensive option for drivers who are victims of a crash.

These rates could be reduced despite MetLife discounts offered when the car and home customers qualify for an employer affinity.

The experience with MetLife is somewhat, this is because its customer service for car insurance is below par whereas the home insurance is high above.

Going with this experience, intending shoppers who seek more high-quality customer services are advised to key in other service providers as alternatives.

MetLife car insurance features and coverages

MetLife-wide service coverage is significant couple with certain characteristics that are difficult to come by with other service providers.

The array of MetLife services ranging from body injuries, property damage liability, uninsured motorists, and other forms of coverage that may be required by almost every state.

Worthy of note is the common upgrades that many drivers find useful in maximizing coverage.

MetLife car Insurance policies avail drivers the opportunity to further add protection for an additional cost as seen below:

Replacement cost coverage for major parts: This has to do with making replacement of damaged items like tires, brakes, batteries on an insured vehicle with consideration to its status being it are new or old.

New Car Replacement: This has to do with the payment of a complete replacement cost of the vehicle been incurred so far as the car is newer than one year old or has driven fewer than 15,000 miles.

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Customer sound equipment coverage: This protection covers a sound system that is bought and added to the insured car.

Glass repairs without deductible waive the deductible for replacing a damaged window or windshield.

Gap Coverage: This is where the difference in what is owed on the insured car lease or loan and its current value is totalled and paid for.

Rental car insurance: This is additional protection against damages that are incurred while driving a rental car.

Rental car reimbursement coverage: This is the cost paid for a car that is been hired while the repaired work is being done on an insured car after an accident to some identified limit. 

One of the great deals enjoyed by MetLife policyholders is a considerable discount. Therefore, take advantage of this today and be part of the MetLife network of affiliated organizations and workplaces. 

MetLife discounts are so attractive and this comes with affinity discount offers that several organizations globally are beneficiaries of.

As a punter, be prepared to enjoy a discount of over 30% have identified with both private and public employers of labor unions, credit unions, and a lot more.

MetLife is insurance to choose from, this is because you could boast of saving money with them even when it is least expected haven’t qualified for an insurer affinity discount. See how you can get qualified at a bargain rate as a shopper.

  • You can have an automatic payments monthly when been chosen.
  • Ensure you complete your defensive driving course
  • Being part of MetLife’s car insurance with a home or life policy
  • Your high grade point average should be sustained.
  • Be persistent while you claim-free for five years
  • Use anti-theft or safety devices to owe a vehicle
  • Signing up for MetLife’s MyJourney, and receive a high driving score
  • To be an older driver

There is a $50 credit in respect to a future deductible payment MetLife gives for drivers who couldn’t claim for successive years. However, this incentive though could prove a deductible cost as low as $250.

MetLife MyDirect

MetLife got you covered with online car insurance through MyDirect. Being MyDirect customer avail you the opportunity to pay a lower rate than drivers covered by a standard MetLife auto insurance policy.

This can only be achievable when you accept to handle your car insurance deals exclusively online including paying bills and making claims.

As incredible as MyDirect offers sound, it comes with some downsides. Customers under MyDirect find difficulty in accessing the website most importantly when using Apple or Android devices as well as the inability to get assistance when the need arises via MyDirect service center.

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A Comparative Quote of MetLife Car Insurance to others

This can be observed from the perspective of the rates for both minimum and full coverage of car insurance of MetLife offers and with some of the competitors.

This gives drivers an insight into where and what to choose, though with MetLife you can enjoy considerable offers that are more expensive than average.

Drivers with a record of having an accident once may see MetLife’s offer as been exorbitant and may opt for other competitors. However, the insurer’s high quotes didn’t make it an impracticable choice for many drivers.

Though, even for those who don’t qualify for discounts, MetLife’s rates are close enough to its competitors’ that certain drivers-like those looking to add specific coverage to their policies-may favor it.

The rates here are for minimum coverage car insurance

Check out the coverage from MetLife Insurance cost

Insurance providerMinimum coverageFull coverageFull coverage with one accident
State Farm$356$869$1,038

MetLife vs. Geico

Statistics displayed here indicated that MetLife rates are costlier than Geico looking at both the full and minimum coverage car insurance.

Though, there is a tendency to increase Geico’s rate only after an accident was considered as far more forgiving than MetLife’s, whose charge is peg at a six-month premium which hitherto was hundreds of dollars more expensive than Geico’s following one claim for bodily injury liability.

There is a comparison between MetLife and Geico, especially in coverage options and discounts. Most of the options offered such as custom sound equipment coverage differs, therefore drivers looking for such at MetLife can’t find it the same on Geico.

Insurance providers who may choose to take a downturn in rates with MetLife’s affiliate discount will likely be drawn to the insurer. Else the price becomes a deciding factor for most drivers.

While its service isn’t poor, few drivers would identify MetLife’s customer service as a particular strength of the insurer.

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There is dissatisfaction from policyholders with MetLife insurance services, especially on auto insurance.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) records reveal that MetLife auto insurance trustworthiness is grilled going by several complaints received whereas the case is different from home insurance with fewer complaints.

One of the reasons for such dissatisfaction is the arbitrary charges by MetLife.

There is a diverse perception about MetLife products as witnessed by the J.D. power rating.

MetLife auto insurance service is above average while comparing with other competitors at the center, and it is consistently rated below many of its competitors at the regional level.

Records available from A.M. Best revealed that MetLife has enjoyed an excellent rating going by its financial stand which is why customers can be able to receive their claims from MetLife

ProductNumber of complaintsJ.D. Power score
MetLife auto insuranceMore than expectedAverage
MetLife home insuranceLess than expectedBelow average

MetLife Home Insurance Coverage

Three (3) different plans are considered on a MetLife Home Insurance coverages with each level of protection attached with some endorsements and other related bonuses. Homeowners can gladly purchase endorsements differently with MetLife auto insurance. 

The plans include the Standard, Platinum, and GrandProtect plans.

The MetLife standard plans have to do with coverage for one’s dwelling, personal property coupled with liability safety, and repayment for loss of use expenses.

Comprehensive coverage from MetLife includes the following perks:

Replacement cost coverage has to do with damage to the insured structure and its contents after a loss, without recourse to financial devaluation.

Water backup protection this payment covers the damage on a backed-up sump pump or drain with a worth up to $10,000.

Valuables plus increases the protection on high-value items such as jewelry, precious metals, and firearms.

Personal identity protection enrolls the policyholder into identity fraud monitoring services and provides professional support in the event of a breach.

Excess liability provision is made of liability protection to homeowners who face lawsuits up to $1 million.

Farmers Group in Talks to Acquire MetLife's U.S. Property-Casualty Business  - CollisionWeek

MetLife home insurance discounts

MetLife home insurance customers enjoyed more discounts than auto policyholders. Therefore, as applicants, your rates can be reduced in the following ways:

  • Bundling an auto or life insurance policy with their home coverage
  • Remaining claim-free for five consecutive years
  • Equipping a home with safety and security features, like a sprinkler system or burglar alarm
  • Owning a home that’s less than 20-years old

A Comparative Analysis of MetLife Home Insurance Quote

MetLife’s home insurance rates and other competitors are comparable, though, the insurer’s policies are in alliance with its largest competitors.

Moreso, going by the few characteristics that come with a standard MetLife home insurance policy, several policyholders may have to factor in the extra cost it takes to get the benefits that come with the insurer’s Platinum or GrandProtect packages.

How does the cost of MetLife home insurance compare with other insurers?

Insurance providerAnnual premiums
State Farm$1,276
Chubb Allstate$1,673

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MetLife still sell insurance?

Absolutely no, Farmers now managed the sale of MetLife car insurance or home insurance. This means all existing MetLife car and home insurance customers have their policies transferred. Though, MetLife still sells other kinds of insurance.

What company owns MetLife auto insurance?

Farmers Insurance is now the custodian and operator of auto and home insurance businesses.

This shows anybody who has a homeowners or car insurance policy from MetLife will in due course be transferred to Farmers. MetLife still retains its other businesses, including life and dental insurance.

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Our offer covers auto insurance for minimum and full coverage. As we experiment to check on how the experience of one accident would change the cost of coverage using a 30-year-old man profile who happened to use a Honda Civic EX 2015 model to arrive at the rate information for this analysis.

On the other hand, facts on MetLife’s home insurance rate are established which serves our comparison in New York. Records of the rates for the cost of an insured house built in 1961 to a tune of $314,500 were then used to ascertain the median value of a home in the Empire State.

Data from Quadrant Information Services obtained by ValuePenguin further analyzed insurance rates. This piece of information was retrieved from insurer fillings and so it should be exclusively used for analysis only.

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