QVC Credit Card Guide: Login, Payment, and Contact

QVC Credit Card

Are you finding it difficult to login into your QVC credit card, contact their customer care representative, or access payment features?

This post will discuss exclusively how to go about those processes conveniently and real quick.

Synchrony Bank is the exclusive issuer of all QVC credit cards also Qcard.

They offer rewards, to all QVC credit cardholders, a bonus of $20 once they have been issued this card, and you make a first-time purchase with it at a zero interest rate offer for 9-months, 12-months, or 18-months.

Other benefits include protection against fraud plus zero annual fees and it requires just a credit score of 650 to acquire.

QVC credit card overdue balance payment can be charged up to $37 although it has no intro APRs.

So in these subsequent paragraphs let’s see how you can log in to your QVC Credit Card, make payment, advantages & disadvantages, and contact their customer care representative.

QVC Credit Card Login Guide

Qcard login, below are the guidelines to follow and login to your QVC credit card;

  • First load the QVC officail credit card website here.
  • Input your username and password and tap the Secured login button.
  • You can save your login details if you want to save the login details on a trusted device.
  • After which you can access all other features from their like make bill payment, top up balance etc.

How to a QVC QCard Credit Card payment online

Below are the steps to follow and make QVC credit card payment online easily;

  • This is how to “Pay as a Guest” first click on their official site link here.
  • Input your QCard number in the provided space on the page
  • Type the last four digits of your SSN and zip code and “Continue”.
  • Type the amount you wish to pay and “Confirm” that is all.
QVC Credit Card Login: Benefits, How to Pay Your Bill, and More - Almvest

Register to have QVC Online Access

Below is how to register and access QVC access online

  • Load their site here.
  • Type your account number.
  • Followed by your zip code and tap “Continue
  • Choose a password and confirm

QVC Customer Service Contact Phone Number

If you are facing challenges with your QVC payments or you wish to make inquiries or make a complaint, in general, call the phone (for card 877-49001787) or (for general complaints 800-367-9444)

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Advantages of the QVC Credit Card

  • QVC credit card offers Special Financing, Easy Pay Every Day, No Annual Fee, and Fraud Protection to all their users.
  • QVC have a special  number for cardholders which enable you to get response without delay
  • They offer Shop exclusive deals, take a free QVC Studio Tour and many other you can check on their website to ascertain
  • The card can be used at on their Smart-Pay option for purchases.
  • QVC Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus which help you to be recommended for loans.

Disadvantages of the QVC Credit Card

  • Qcard has a high interest rates.
  • Higher than average purchase APRs given by most credit cards.
  • Zero offer for signup bonuses.
  • No rewards or cash back is offered.

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Does QVC credit card offer any rewards program?

No, it does not offer a rewards program for now except for a few benefits on some purchases.

What are the QVC credit card benefits?

Majorly their benefits are Zero fraud liability and Reports sending of credit reports to credit bureaus for loan recommendations

What are the supposed APRs for QVC credit cards?

The Federal Reserve Board, say an average regular APR for all credit card should be 15% plus 17% for accounts that carry a balance, but Qcard has an APR of 26.99%.

Does QVC credit card have an intro APR on new purchases?

No, they do not offer an intro APR rate on new purchases.


We hope that with the above-outlined steps you can log in for the QVC credit card conveniently, know exactly how to log in and make a bill payment.

We have given some notes on QVC credit card FAQs, advantages, and disadvantages plus benefits and highlighted their offers and insights on the QVC credit card charges and APRs, their customer care representative’s contacts, and what you are required of before applying and hope it was educating?

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