Activate (Bank of America) BofA credit card in These 3 Methods Easily

BofA credit card activation

Bank of America also known as BofA is one of the largest financial institutions in the world in this present day that renders financial services worldwide.

Their credit cards are certainly the most used and activating them is what we are going to talk about right now.

If you are an account holder with BofA you must have to activate your credit card before use just like any other card.

Below are the instructional/steps to follow and activate different kinds of bank of BofA cards

How to Activate BofA (Bank of America) Credit Card

The coolest thing about BofA is that it has numerous ways people can use to activate their credit card.

So choose according to your convenience.

1.      Activate BofA (Bank of America) Credit Card Using Online Banking Account

The first method is often referred to as the standard method, because majority of BofA account holders use the method in activating their credit cards

To be able to use this method to activate your account, you are required to have an online account with BofA.

How to create an Online Account & Mobile Account with Bank of America (BofA)

Below is how to create an online and mobile banking account with BofA preceding easy card activation online.

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How to Open an Online Banking and Mobile Account in BofA?

Here are the steps to follow and create an online Bank of America (BofA) Account.

First visit BofA website and navigate to Card activation on your computer or phone.

  1. Navigate and click on the ‘Enroll in Online Banking’ option
  2. You will be required to provide your personal information and a few other details like your BofA credit card number or your account number’s last 6 digits, your Social Security or Tax ID number as the case may be
  3. But if you don’t have TIN or SSN, click on the option that says ‘Don’t have an SSN or TIN.’
  4. Next, you will see this option Checking/Savings Account Number, ATM/Debit Card Number (last 6 digits), and ATM/Debit Card PIN.
  5. The above steps mean you should provide all the necessary info needed.
  6. Then click on the ‘Continue’ button. It is normally located at the button on the page.
  7. And completely fill in all the prompted information, and yes, your Bank of America card is activated.

After you have created your new account, you will be assign a passcode and an online ID for log in.

Now let’s look at activating your new BofA credit card with the following easy steps.

Bank of America credit cards

Steps to Follow and Activate Bank of America (BofA) card using Online Banking Account

  1. First, use your computer or mobile device and  load their bank of America activate card  with your browser
  2. Click the ‘Sign in to Online Banking ‘option
  3. Log in with the Online ID and Passcode you were given and click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  4. Next, you will be required to verify your identity and credit card info to activate your card.

But if you find this method tedious below are other methods for you to follow and still activate your BofA card

2.      Activate Bank of America (BofA) Credit Card through Phone Call

Calling someone to activate your card should be the easiest method and convenient for many people.

Now let’s see how to go about this method and activate your BofA card with these unique steps

  1. Dial  800-276-9939 with your phone.
  2. Once the call connects, you will be required to provide the following details, your BofA credit card number, security code, expiry date, or your Social Security Number, and a few more personal details.
  3. Once the info you provided is validated, your card will be activated.

Note:  The number for relay services for activating the credit card is 711, and for issues with your credit BofA card, you can contact 1-757-677-4701 from any part of the world. But also remember international roaming charges might apply in some cases.

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3.     Activate Bank of America BofA Credit Card Using the Mobile Application

In any case if activating your BofA credit card with the above listed methods is not convenient for you, try this method 3.

BofA mobile app is available on both Apple Store and Google play store for free download.

Before you can activate your Bank of America credit card with this method, you first need to have an online account, but if you don’t have to follow the step on method 1. after which you will follow the steps below to complete your activation.  

  1. Download and install the Bank of America (BofA) mobile app on your device.
  2. Load the App and Log in with your  Online ID and passcode.
  3. Navigate to the new credit card ‘and type in the last 4 digits of the card.
  4. Click ‘activate’ after providing the prompted information on the screen correctly.


In this post, we make it easy for you to activate all your Bank of America credit cards using three different methods. You can use of them to achieve the same thing. There is no best way to activate your card buy surely through your mobile devices will be the most convenient way to get your bank card activated.

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