Guide to Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card Works: Benefits and Rewards

Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card

Amazon is versatile e-commerce (online market) that provides service for people who buy, sell goods and products of different kinds. It also issues a visa card, loyal and rewards of a different kind to their prime users or members.

Amazon visa card is versatile in use such that they are used anywhere visa card is allowed this card is issued by Chase Bank.

Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card Rewards and Benefits.

Talking about Amazon reward signature Visa card user, they enjoy 5% back on the total amount used in all purchases and food, a $70 gift card is also rewarded to users who purchase on their website or a $100 reward for new customers who spend on goods amounting to at least $100.

This Amazon prime reward signature visa is given to prime user only and their source has ascertained that only a credit score of 670 qualifies a user for a prime reward signature visa card.

Amazon reward none prime members with a 3% rebate for purchases done on their site also.

Breaking it down, Amazon gives a rebate of 2% spent in purchasing gas, restaurant bills or medicine and 1% on other purchases.

These rewards are present as points or cash rebates to customer.

Purchases made with the Signature Visa credit card from $2500 get back a reward of 5% within the first 3-months but it is applicable to prime membership alone.

Other offers by Amazon include a 6% for $60 to prime members which are credited as points and 100 points equal a total of $1 in cases.

Prime members also enjoy a $70 dollar gift card once your application for prime membership is approved.

Another benefit of Signature Visa Card is their earning of points which is unlimited, the point does not expire, no transaction fee on international deals and no annual fee charged on the transaction.

These points are claimed once they are processed by the Amazon team.

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Where To Get An Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card?

This Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card is issued exclusively to by Chase Bank, it can be applied for on their website (

To be approved for the instant card the members are expected to understand all the pros and cons before eventually reaching the final phase to be approved.

Relatively if you are not approved for the instant card, such user is mandated to wait for 2-weeks before contacting the issuer bank for complaints.

The process of card approval delays sometimes because the visa card issuer bank do check your credit score before eventually granting you your request, this is applicable to both prime members and otherwise. A high credit score is required in any case prior to the card approval.

What Kind of Credit is required for the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card?

Amazon issues eventual Visa credit cards holders who have a credit score from 670 more easily for both Prime members and non-members

Where Can the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card Be Used?

Amazon has an in-store credit card that is usable on their site only and has other versatile cards that are used at any approved retail where visa card is allowed. Their cards are been used by the customer in over 145 countries of the world.

Difference between and Amazon Prime Store Cards

The simple difference between an Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa and the Amazon Rewards Signature Visa card is that the formal is used at Whole Foods markets while the latter is not usable at Whole Foods markets.

Terms and Conditions of the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card

Well, Amazon is rather lenient when it comes to terms of services, they issue cards to the only person who is 18-years and more. Their Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card is distributed between APRs of 14.24% to 22.24% variables according to the card holder’s credit history or prime rate.

It gives customers the liberty of 3-weeks to settle all their outstanding credit before they start including interest on the debt owned which may amount to $39 but this depends on the card the user is holding

People who patronize Amazon Whole Food markets and e-commerce site regularly get a lot of benefits and rewards as their APR are high and unbeatable.

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FAQs about Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card

What Kind of Credit Score Do I Need to Open an Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card?

Despite that Amazon does not state its Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card credit score according to reviewers a 670 may be needed to get one.

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Where Can I Use My Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Credit Card?

The card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Does Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card Help You Build Credit?

Yes but this will come to play if you can manage your credit carefully as supposed

Does the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Have an Annual Fee?

Apart from the $119 yearly membership Prime Rewards Signature Visa credit card account charge, there is no other charge fee.

What’s the Difference Between the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card and the Amazon Rewards Signature Visa Card?

Prime members are rewarded a 5% on purchases from Amazon e-commence, while non-prime members are rewarded only 3% on the other hand for purchases.

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